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"We decided to implement Trevor's strategies across the country in over 110 locations and over 4000 employees.  The result has been a transformation of our culture.  People's lives have been positive impacted - professionally and personally.  Morale is high and sales and profits are up as a result."
Daryl Verbeek

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2 Hr

Personality Testing Using DISC

PLI-Cert_Personality Testing Using DISC_
$99 + Free Preview
1.5 Hr

Discovering and Implementing Core Values

PLI-Cert_Discovering and Implementing Core Values_
$99 + Free Preview
1.5 Hr

Objectively Assessing Your Team

PLI-Cert_Objectively Assessing Your Team_
$99 + Free Preview
1.5 Hr

Coaching Based Performance Reviews

PLI-Cert_Coaching Based Performance Reviews_
$99 + Free Preview
1 Hr

Meetings and Communication

PLI-Cert_Meetings and Communication_
$99 + Free Preview
1.5 Hr

Enhancing Your Career Through Delegation

PLI-Cert_Enhancing your Career Through Delegation_
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