Questions to Bring About Meaningful Life Change

Marshal Goldsmith (the world’s top executive coach) suggests this simple and free method for bringing about real change in your life.

Write down 5-20 questions that you would like to be asked each day.  You make them up; no one is forcing this on you.  These might include things like:

  1. How many push ups did I do today?
  2. How many sit ups did I do today?
  3. How many customer calls did I make today?
  4. Did I do something nice for my spouse today?
  5. Did I go for a run today?
  6. Did I eat any sugar today?
  7. Did I write a prioritized plan for my day before 8 am?
  8. Was my attitude locked in at a 10 today?
  9. Did I encourage someone around me today?
  10. Did I read something to build my mind/soul today?
  11. Did I get 8 hours of sleep today?
  12. Did  I smoke a cigarette today?

You get the picture.  Make your own questions.  Then, either pay someone to ask them to you every single day, or team up with a friend, and call each other at the end of the day for a one minute accountability phone call.

As Goldsmith said, ‘life change is HARD!’  It takes effort.  Are you willing to put in the necessary time and effort needed to make the changes happen so that you can be the person you want to be?

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