Take Your Holidays Without Guilt

Sometimes you may feel guilty taking holidays.  I think that holidays are critical for three reasons:

  1. You’re better and sharper when you have time to ‘trickle charge’ by relaxing without interruption.  You can’t ‘jump start’ your mind by taking a few hours away from work. Jack Welch said that during his tenure as CEO, he had 3 main strategic ideas for GE, all of which came to him on holidays.
  2. The best and most productive people have a life outside of work.  Family, friends and hobbies sharpen your mind and broaden your outlook. If you don’t have a life, you may consider looking into getting one!
  3. Holidays reveal your competence as a team builder.  If you can’t get away for a real stretch of time without the wheels falling off, you may need to grow in your delegation, coaching and mentoring skills.  I once heard a wise owner insist that all of his key managers take two consecutive weeks away from the business for this reason.

So enjoy your summer holiday without guilt.

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