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Is your team struggling with communication breakdowns, decreased productivity, or a lack of synergy? These issues can not only strain workplace relationships but can also lead to missed deadlines, staff turnover, and ultimately, hinder your organization’s success.

There is a solution. Our DISC training program can help address these challenges. We equip your team with the tools to understand and adapt to different personality styles, fostering a more effective and harmonious work environment.

Don’t let these issues hold your team back. Unlock the potential of your team today with our tailored DISC training solutions.

How We Can Help You Succeed

How Our DISC Training Transforms Teams

Our DISC training program is designed to empower teams, fostering better communication, understanding, and performance. 
Here’s how we make that transformation happen:

Comprehensive DISC Reports

Every team member will receive an 18-page DISC report, trusted by Fortune 500 companies across the globe. These easy-to-digest reports offer deep insights into each individual’s personality, fostering self-awareness, and driving better teamwork and collaboration.

On-Demand Micro-Learning Lessons

We understand that scheduling can be a challenge, which is why we offer on-demand micro-learning lessons. These allow team members to review and reinforce the content at their own pace, ensuring that everyone gets the full benefit of the training regardless of their schedule.

Customized 90-Minute Live Virtual Training

Your team will participate in a live, 90-minute virtual training session tailored to your specific needs. This interactive session, led by a certified DISC coach, ensures that the knowledge gained from the DISC reports is fully understood and ready to be applied in real-world situations.

Group Progress Reporting

We provide group progress reports to help track your team’s growth over time. These reports allow you to identify areas that need improvement and celebrate achievements, helping your team become stronger and more unified.

Lifetime Access to "Mastering Workplace Communication Through DISC" Course

We believe in the power of lifelong learning. As part of our training program, your team will receive unlimited access to our training modules and resource library. This allows your team to revisit and reinforce their learning at any time, further solidifying the skills and insights gained from the DISC training.

Optional Upgrades

  • White-label DISC assessment 
  • Custom-branded DISC reporting tailored to your business
  • Engaging keynote speaking for your events

Through this comprehensive approach, we strive to transform how teams communicate, collaborate, and succeed together.

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Transform Your Team Dynamics

Discover how our DISC training can revolutionize your team’s performance.
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Improved Communication

No more misunderstandings or miscommunications. Our DISC training enable your team to understand and adapt to varying communication styles. This newfound understanding paves the way for more effective conversations, reduced conflict, and a stronger team dynamic.
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Enhanced Productivity

Unlock the power of your team. Our programs offer insights into each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to allocate tasks more effectively. Watch as your team’s productivity skyrockets and your business thrives.
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Increased Employee Engagement

When employees feel understood, they feel valued. By understanding their DISC profiles, team members gain a sense of belonging and purpose. Experience the ripple effect of increased job satisfaction and engagement that comes with a harmonious and inclusive work environment.

Our Proven Process

Your Partner in Team Development

We’re committed to your team’s success, offering expert-led courses, personalized support, and proven results.

Expert-Led Courses

We believe that the quality of education is as good as the educator. That’s why our courses are not just meticulously designed but also delivered by seasoned professionals who have deep expertise in DISC training. They bring their real-world experience to the table, offering insights and knowledge that can’t be found in textbooks.

Personalized Support

Our relationship with your team doesn’t end when the training does. We understand that learning is an ongoing process, and we’re committed to supporting your team as they apply their new skills in the workplace. We offer ongoing support and resources to ensure your team continues to reap the benefits of our training, long after the courses have ended.

Proven Results

We measure our success by the success of the teams we train. Over the years, we’ve helped numerous organizations transform their team dynamics, improve their performance, and achieve their objectives. But don’t just take our word for it. Our track record of proven results speaks volumes about our commitment to helping teams excel.

Trusted by 20,000+ Professionals at Top Organizations

Success Stories from Our Clients

Our work at the Professional Leadership Institute is driven by the success and progress of our clients. 

Hear from organizations who’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of our DISC training programs. The impact of our DISC training programs is best expressed through their experiences.
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DISC Reviews

Check Out Our DISC Reviews

Group 89
DISC has be an instrumental tool for my leadership belt!
DISC has be an instrumental tool for my leadership belt! The tools have helped me personally on my leadership journey, helped identify my strengths and opportunities in all aspects of my personal and professional life. Highly recommend Trevor's course:)
Jen Danyliw
VCA Canada
Group 89
I highly recommend the Professional Leadership Institute’s DISC certification program.
I highly recommend the Professional Leadership Institute's DISC certification program. The day was well-managed, interesting, informative and entertaining. I came away with new ways to think about the DISC Assessment, ideas for making it more accessible to a wider audience, and a greater depth of understanding about how powerful this knowledge can be when applied in relationships, both personally and professionally.
Catherine Fitzgerald
Brass Tacks with Heart
Group 89
I would highly recommend working with this team
Working with Trevor Throness to complete my DISC Facilitator Certification training was very engaging, informative and enjoyable! Who knew that a full day on zoom could be entertaining? I would highly recommend working with this team if you are a leader looking to grow and direct teams to become more effective in relating to each other.
Mark Shatford
Alderidge Construction
Group 89
I highly recommend it to anyone looking to lead their team in DISC.
Learning how to facilitate DISC with Trevor was fun, engaging, challenging and I felt prepared at the end of the day. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to lead their team in DISC.
Jennifer Carlson
Advance Storage Products
Group 89
The most simple and effective communication tool you can use!
Going through this certification course helped me really get a deeper understanding of DISC and how to apply it in any situation, whether that be at work or at home - really, any relationship I have! I now feel more confident to present this communication tool to anyone, and help them understand it in a small amount of time. It's truly the most simple and effective communication tool you can use!
Dylan Moesker
Group 89
Great course
Great course that was eye opening and prepared me to bring back confidently to my organization.
Chelsea Walls
Hickory Treatment Centers
Group 89
Very responsive and inclusive in the process
I appreciated Trevors process and the way he delivers the information and gives examples and suggestions. HE is also very responsive and inclusive in the process. I was completely comfortable taking this course and enjoyed the information, as well I feel better prepared to help my clients out using the DISC facilitation Guide and process. I would highly recommend this to any person that is in a position to help their team communicate better!
Donna Vincent
TEEMA Solutions Group
Group 89
Great experience taking the DISC certification
I had a great experience taking the DISC certification with Trevor. The content was very engaging which made learning fun. Increased self awareness = better communication with others!
Lisa Booker
VCA Canada
Group 89
Trevor is both highly accessible and also deeply knowledgeable in the material.
Trevor is both highly accessible and also deeply knowledgeable in the material. His training comes with a depth of understanding and professionalism but with kindness and lightheartedness. He's a great instructor!
Jonathan Giesbrecht
Northview Community Church
Group 89
It has been a key eye opener
The DISC Personalities Facilitator Training has been a key eye opener in understanding how to use DISC as tool to achieve team alignment hence enhance effectiveness and productivity.
Martin Richard Kibisu
Group 89
Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity!
An outstanding course that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their peers. This transformative experience has provided invaluable insights that have not only enhanced my personal growth but also fostered stronger connections with those around me. I cannot speak highly enough of this remarkable program, which has undoubtedly enriched my journey towards self-discovery and improved relationships. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity!
Marci Rieske
Proctor & Gamble
Group 89
Very interactive and engaging.
Quick course to give you a thorough understanding of the DISC content. Very interactive and engaging. Thank you for your time and openness to our input and feedback.
Jo Henderson
Group 89
Engaging, humorous and educational.
Trevor is definitely in the right job for his DISC profile. Engaging, humorous and educational.
Deborah Fodor
TEEMA Solutions Group

Meet Our Team

We are Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Educators

 Established by Justin Mitchell and Trevor Throness, we offer a unique combination of practical business knowledge and over two decades of management and leadership training. Our team is well-versed in executive coaching, launching high-growth businesses, and developing interactive e-learning content.

Our aim is to empower you, enhance your communication skills, and create a high-performance mindset that drives your personal and professional growth forward.

pic hero trevor


Trevor Throness

Trevor Throness, our CEO and Senior Instructor, is a veteran coach,keynote speaker, andthe author of the book “The Power of People Skills.” His expertise has been acknowledged by renowned platforms like Forbes, Inc, The NY Post, The Globe and Mail, Entrepreneur, and CEO Magazine, among others​​.

Justin Mitchell

President and COO

Justin Mitchell

Our President and COO, Justin Mitchell, is an accomplished entrepreneur who has made a significant mark in real estate brokerage, property management, and private equity, evidencing over $2 billion in sales and $1.2 bllion in assets under management. His dedication to driving positive change is clearly reflected in his proactive approach towards leadership development and its integration into his business model.


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