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Leadership Fundamentals

Online Training Course

Learn the behaviors that separate team leaders from team members, and it isn’t about holding a title! If you’re a leader of a team of any size, this course is a must for you.

Personality Testing for Workplaces

Online Training Course

Learn how to navigate different communication & motivation styles, and how to use these to build effective workplace relationships.

Goal Setting

Online Training Course

Evaluate where you want to be, where you are today, put a plan in place and build accountability structures.

How to Create Company Core Values

Online Training Course

Discover your most important HR tool, define the behaviors that will make your culture great, and see those values come alive in your organization.

Team Assessment Training

Online Training Course

Take stock of your current team’s strengths and weaknesses and make go-forward development plans for each person.

Conducting Performance Reviews

Online Training Course

Learn to become a coach and replace ineffective performance reviews to bring out the best in everyone.

How to Create a Business Plan

Online Training Course

Align your whole organization by defining your culture, making your strategic choices and setting short and long-term goals.

How to Hire Good Employees

Online Training Course

Source, screen, and interview candidates, and learn how to do effective reference checks.

Business Meetings & Communication

Online Training Course

Learn how to run great meetings, and build a meetings and communication structure for your organization.

How to Delegate

Online Training Course

Increase your impact, build a stronger team, and do what you love to do rather than what you have to do.

Managing Underperformers in the Workplace

Online Training Course

Prepare for and conduct difficult conversations. Learn a variety of possible reactions of underperformers, and how to respond to them effectively.

Termination of Employment

Online Training Course

Deal with fear, prepare for and conduct the firing interview, and deal with the team post-firing.

Our students love
the Professional Leadership Institute.
You will, too.

The PLI program was invaluable to our network. The range of topics delivered, the open dialogue, experience, and examples that Professional Leadership Institute brought to each session were outstanding and provided a path for our Franchisees and Managers to look at Leadership, Coaching, and connecting with their teams in a new light. Many of our franchisees and leaders have implemented these strategies in their bakeries and have seen immediate results—particularly as it relates to understanding their teams better on the STAR chart and getting comfortable with having difficult discussions. We highly recommend this program to those considering it. Thank you, Trevor!
Michelle Chudoba, COBS Bread
“We have locations around BC and Alberta, so getting people on the same page can be very difficult… Until now. Our entire management team and location managers take the same great courses from PLI and then meet monthly online with our coach to apply it to our situation. People are engaged, the courses are excellent, we love our coach, and we are all learning together! I would highly recommend PLI to help your team move forward!”
Jason Fawcett
Jason Fawcett
"We decided to implement PLI's strategies across the country in over 150 locations and over 3500 employees.  The result has been a transformation of our culture.  People's lives have been positively impacted - professionally and personally.  Morale is high and sales and profits are up as a result."
Daryl Verbeek
The roadmap laid out set our business up to quintuple in sales.  We've learned how to fix ongoing personnel issues once and for all, attract top talent, and spend our time focused on results, not internal staffing problems.  I highly recommend PLI to you - it's worked for us!
John DeJong
“We decided to use Trevor's methodology in our full-service law firm.  At first, we resisted, telling Trevor, “This just won’t work with a law firm.” But we persisted and the results have been remarkable: our client base and profits have steadily improved, and staff engagement and morale is the healthiest its ever been.”
Doug Lester
Choosing to work with PLI and using their tools has been one of the best investments of time and money that we have made at Frontline.  The results have been outstanding, as the company experienced consecutive years of 50%+ revenue growth while sustaining a healthy margin and improving team unity, focus, and purpose.
Justin Mitchell
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