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$ 0
  • Personality Testing Using DISC
    Understand the motivations and communication style of others and learn how to put people in roles that take advantage of their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.
  • Building Your Personal Annual Plan
    Evaluate where you want to be, where you are today, put a plan in place and build accountability structures.


Basic is ideal for individuals and small teams

$ 499
Best for up to 20 participants
  • Access all 10 Leadership Fundamentals Courses
    Everything you need to become a strong leader
  • Access articles and templates
    Available online, anytime
  • Facilitator’s guides
    To assist in small group discussion about course content
  • Quizzes and tests
    Tests for each module and a final test for each course
  • Exercises
    Learn by immediately applying concepts to your business
  • Certificates
    Earn your Leadership Fundamentals certificate
  • A variety of learning styles
    Learn from video, audio, read along slides, and more
  • Professional Development
    Earn professional development credits (depending on industry)


Premium includes everything in Basic

$ 450 – 1675
Best for 20-75 participants
  • Live coaching
    Engage a virtual live coach for accountability and third party input
  • Customized to you
    Choose your accountability rhythm
  • Engage entire teams
    Ideal for teams of 20 – 75 participants
  • Premium customer support
    With Gold customer support, we’ll answer your unique questions and help you make web security as easy and actionable as possible
  • Multiple payment methods
    Payment via invoice or credit card


Enterprise is suited to larger organizations and includes everything in Basic and Premium

Customized to your situation​
Best for 75+ participants and multi-site businesses
  • Build you own white label e-learning school
    Your logo, your messaging, your school
  • Enterprise team functionality
    Unlimited amount of users, teams and scan profiles
  • Volume-based pricing model
    Give everyone in the organization access at reasonable rates
  • Extended API functionality
    Access to all report data
  • Customized billing
    All billing options available
  • Scale learning and best practises
    Everyone in the organization is trained to lead your way
  • A variety of learning styles
    Learn from video, audio, read along slides, and more
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
    Structured pilot and team onboarding. Help with configuring. Proactive support and one-on-one live demos

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Free Courses
Access articles, templates and facilitator’s guides
Access all 10 Leadership Fundamentals Courses
Quizzes, tests and exercises
A variety of learning styles
Professional Development
Live coaching
Customized to you
Engage entire teams
Premium customer support
Multiple payment methods
Build you own white label e-learning school
Enterprise team functionality
Volume-based pricing model
Extended API functionality
Customized billing
Scale learning and best practises
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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"We decided to implement Trevor's strategies across the country in over 110 locations and over 4000 employees.  The result has been a transformation of our culture.  People's lives have been positive impacted - professionally and personally.  Morale is high and sales and profits are up as a result."
Daryl Verbeek
When we met Trevor we were a non-profit in a very tough spot. Using Trevor's tools, our NGO has gone from stuck to thriving. Recently we were chosen as one of the top 25 performing charities in the country (out of 86,000) by the Financial Post. He has helped us build a vision-driven, strategically sound, energized team; comfortable with a high degree of transparency and accountability.
Bernie Willock
Trevor has been a huge help in sorting out our growth issues, especially on the people side. He has strong relationships with our management team. He’s someone that I can trust to bring an objective viewpoint to any situation. He’s funny and can connect with anyone at any level in our business. He’s a great facilitator of our planning meetings. He’s become a great friend and mentor. I would highly recommend him to any company in growth”
Dave Van Belle
Trevor has an incredible gift for knowing what leaders and their companies need to get to the next level. He has become a great friend who always tells me the truth and doesn’t beat around the bush. He has done so much to change my business and personal life for the better. I’ve worked with him since 2009 and plan to work with him for many years to come. He is a rock star at what he does!”
Derrick Westbrook
The roadmap laid out set our business up to quintuple in sales.  We've learned how to fix ongoing personnel issues once and for all, attract top talent, and spend our time focused on results, not internal staffing problems.  I highly recommend it to you - it's worked for us!
John DeJong
"Working with Trevor has been an absolute joy.  I had no idea that running a business could be as fun and as exciting as it is until I met him.  In less than 18 months of working with him, he has transformed my business from being average to exceptional, where mediocrity is not acceptable, where being great is standard.  Working with Trevor has allowed me to realize my dream of not simply owning a job, but owning a business."
Justin Bontkes
“Our culture has taken major steps forward this year with Trevor’s help.  He is funny, relatable, and his tools are very very practical, and have helped us focus and upgrade our teams throughout our retail network.   Trevor recently spoke to an employee group, and one person remarked, “I could listen to Trevor all day.”   We would highly recommend him.”
Stan Pridham, Founder KMS Tools
“We decided to use Trevor’s methodology in our full-service law firm.  At first, we resisted, telling him, “This just won’t work with a law firm.” But we persisted and the results have been remarkable: our client base and profits have steadily improved, and staff engagement and morale is the healthiest its ever been.”
Doug Lester
"Trevor's strategic and aggressive focus in the area of people and company alignment has helped our extremely fast growing business become what it is today.  I've experienced Trevor's approach first hand and it's been crucial to sustain our growth.  I can't imagine a business that wouldn't benefit greatly from Trevor's help."
Brian Antenbring
One of the things they never teach you in Bible College or Seminary is how to manage people. And yet every pastor I know ends up spending a large chunk of their time on staff and volunteer relationships. You'd be a fool not to consider how Trevor can help you figure all this stuff out. His background in church ministry combined with years of marketplace consulting experience make him the ideal person to help church leaders build teams that will flourish. Truly, I thank God that a man with his skills and experience is willing to use them for the health of local churches, the growth of the Kingdom, and the glory of God.

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Learn how to become a leadership master with our free online courses.
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