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How to Have Great Team Huddles Cheat Sheet
Download “How to Have Great Team Huddles Cheat Sheet” here for free!
Leadership Basics Cheat Sheet
Download the Leadership Basics Cheat Sheet here!
Someone Who Has Been Particularly Effective Worksheet
None of us win alone.  All of us have been helped along the way by multiple people. This exercise helps you think through those people …

Someone Who Has Been Particularly Effective Worksheet Read More »

most irritating
Most Irritating Behaviors List
Self awareness is key to having a strong team dynamic.  This is a simple self awareness exercise to try with your team. Ask each person …

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The Star Chart
The Star Chart is taken from Trevor’s book, The Power of People Skills.  It’s a simple way to assess the performance of each of your …

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Culture Checklist
The number one reason people leave an organization (or join one) is because of culture.  Work environment.  People join great companies and leave weak cultures.  …

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Assessing Your Meetings Self-Test
How do your meetings stack up?  Do people enjoy them?  Are they effective?  How can they be better? This self-test will tell you where you’re …

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Facilitator’s Guide – Meetings and Communication
This is a facilitator’s guide for leaders who are leading their teams through discussions of Leadership Fundamentals course content.  The guide poses questions for each …

Facilitator’s Guide – Meetings and Communication Read More »

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