Recognize the Genius in Others

One great way to become a ‘multiplier’ leader (helping people achieve more than even they think they can) is to find where a person shines, and let them know that you see it, value it, and expect to see more of it in the future.

It’s hard for people to recognize their own unique talents.  They tend to write them off as something anyone could do.  And their path to success is to focus on their strengths and develop those natural talents into skills.

This is a great parenting strategy as well.  It might look like this:

“Billy, the reason I asked you to sort the Lego cupboard is because I see that you have a real eye for detail and accuracy and I know that when I need a detail-oriented job done, I can count on you to do it right.”

This isn’t a way to manipulate Billy, but to help him identify his unique genius, be proud of it, and develop it as time goes on.

Multipliers take people who give 80% effort and inspire them to give 120%.  That’s a skill that shows up on your P/L and is worth working on.

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