10 Mother Teresa Quotes About Leadership

Mother Teresa quotes

Spiritual and religious leaders are not something that the world has forgotten among old passageways of history. But very few of them have been as well-loved and well-known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Mother Teresa quotes have continued to inspire people all around the world even after her passing. 

Her passionate fight against poverty, the sick, the old, and the young created a ripple effect in the places she touched. She was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 and was even canonized (the highest honour the Catholic church can give someone) for having miraculously healed a man suffering from a cancerous tumour. 

With millions of people across the globe following her lead, her quotes on leadership and self-development are something everyone should read at least once. In this article, we’ll share of top 10 ones you can use to improve your own leadership skills.

1. Mother Teresa quote on the power of positive feedback

mother teresa leadership quotes

Mother Teresa has not been the only great personality in history to share this sentiment. Among those who have set themselves apart as true leaders is a universally accepted idea, that kind and positive words are more powerful than we think. For the one sharing them, it’s easy to do and for the one receiving them, it will stay with them. Be sure to praise your team whenever you can, both as a group and individually. Your words are what will keep them motivated when they need it. This is one of our favourite Mother Teresa quotes because it perfectly encapsulates her brand. 

2. Mother Teresa quote on the importance of knowing your limitations

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It’s not in human nature to be able to do everything and anything. It’s impossible to be an expert at everything, and that’s exactly what our differences can help resolve. You might be excellent at analytics and numbers, while someone else may have the ability to connect with people easily. As a leader, it’s your job to identify your own (and your team’s) limitations and learn how to strategically use your people to create a well-rounded bunch. With a carefully built group, there’s nothing you can be presented with that you won’t be able to solve.  

3. Mother Teresa quote on how developing discipline will help you reach your goals

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The difference between those who dream and those who reach their dreams is one word: discipline. The truth is you won’t always have the motivation needed to walk into work every day and do the small, more insignificant tasks you have on your to-do list. But it’s those moments where having discipline will be what sets you apart from those in the same boat as you. When you’re thinking of giving up, remember why you started in the first place. And, once you have that strategy down, teach it to your team! You’ll be giving them a life lesson they’ll never forget. 

The first step in reaching your goals is having a plan, check out our course called Building Your Personal Annual Plan! 

4. Mother Teresa quote on being your own leader

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This is one of our favourite Mother Teresa quotes because it’s all about action! There’s this phenomenon called “the bystander effect” where when an emergency happens no one steps up to help. Everyone thinks the person next to them will take charge of the situation, but in the end, no one ever does. Those people you think are so different from you and much more qualified to take action? They’re the same type of human as you. If you know what to do, or just have the need to find out if you can do it, don’t wait for someone to give you permission or to guide you. You can be just as much of a leader as they can!

5. Mother Teresa quote on taking action every day

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Spending time thinking about what happened, or what is going to happen, will hinder your ability to focus on what you can control: today. Learn from your failures and successes, and prepare for eventualities that haven’t come yet. But don’t let it overtake your ability to take action in the present. A good leader will understand this and will be able to transmit this feeling to their employees. 

6. Mother Teresa quote on finding your passion

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An inspiring leader is one who loves their job. They will motivate you, share their knowledge, and spend time learning how to coach you. And all this will come just from the fact that they love their job enough to want to ensure everyone around them is set up for success. A leader who doesn’t want to be there will not be able to focus on their team enough to help them when needed, and the outcome will likely be a group of people who dread coming to work.  

7. Mother Teresa quote on learning to take your time

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Take your time to really pay attention to what is going on around you. Don’t try to rush through a meeting, a conversation, or a project. You might miss important things happening during those situations that you could benefit from later on. Being patient can also help ensure there are fewer mistakes happening, which can save you time and money in the long run. It’s also an invaluable life skill to have in your tool kit for not only work but your daily life too. 

8. Mother Teresa quote on understanding that no task is too small

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There are countless big dreamers out there with grand ideas and inspirational objectives. But what most of us forget is that the true leaders are not those who dream, but those who act. And reaching your objectives is not easy or glamorous. It requires hard work, time, and discipline. But most importantly, it requires doing the little everyday things no one wants to do. Calling the bank, sitting down to study, or having a conversation about analytics. Instilling this in your team will create a strong group of people who can achieve whatever they set out to. 

Doing the small things that no one notices is a personality trait of a supportive person. Find out your personality make-up today with our free DISC assessment! 

9. Mother Teresa quote on always remembering that there’s a team around you

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This is one of our favourite Mother Teresa quotes because it reminds us of the importance to be empathetic. A country does not function with one person alone, and neither does your team. Never forget that you are where you are because of the people around you, and their needs and well-being should always be at the front of your mind. Be sure to regularly check in with your people and work with them to create an environment they’re happy to be in. Help them thrive and reach their own goals and they will thank you in the form of loyalty and hard work.  

10. Mother Teresa quote on taking action even if you don’t know the outcome

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Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s not the end of the road that matters, but the journey that brought you there”? That’s basically what this Mother Teresa quotes is talking about here. We don’t learn from the objective we reached, but from the struggles and work, it took to get to that point. Even if you’re not sure that what you created will work, or if it will even be there tomorrow, that should never stop you from going for it anyway. The lessons you’ll take from that you’ll be able to carry for the rest of your life.

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