10 Walt Disney Quotes To Inspire The Dreamer In You

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The name Walt Disney today is synonymous with magic, dreaming, and a whole different world of wonder and child-like experiences. But it all started with a single man who dared to imagine a universe where growing up wasn’t mandatory. Today’s Walt Disney quotes are remembered worldwide for their inspiring nature.

Walt was the father of modern movie animation, and his stories and characters spanned stories and years of fun for people of all ages. He was an innovator, a leader, and a starry-eyed child inside a man’s body.

His lessons on following your dreams, working hard for what you want, and never losing that special spark are things we should all always remember. Below we collected 10 of his best quotes to help inspire the dreamer in you too.

1. On the power of dreams

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One of the most magical aspects of being a person is our ability to dream big and create fantasies about what could be. The best part of that? There’s not really much stopping you from making that a reality. Look around you. Everything you see in your life, your city, and the world was once a dream created by someone else. If they could do it, why couldn’t you? Fantasy and reality often, as they should, overlap to create your dreams. 

2. On just taking the first step

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Quotes like these have been said by almost everyone who’s ever been anyone in history. The difference between those who reach their dreams and those who simply dream them is action. Small, consistent, unwavering action. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your dream. But, when you look back years from now you’ll see how every little step and action you took brought you to the achievement you’re standing on today.  

3. On how experiencing troubles is the best thing that could happen to you

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Most of us are scared of facing issues of any type. And it makes sense. We don’t know how to solve it, what is coming, or even how we’re going to feel. And the unknown can be a scary place. But the secret lies in learning how to change the way we see those moments. Instead of being worried about what is coming, breathe out and let the moment happen. Then, look back and see what you can learn. Next time something similar comes up you’ll know better what to do. 

4. On how simple life really is

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Walt Disney Quotes thus far all seem to have the same theme. There’s no big formula to success. No secret to be discovered, or special class you need to take. It really is as simple as just working for it. While taking the time to learn the tips and tricks of that thing you want to achieve will make it much easier for you, in the end, the only action you really need to take is to do it. Get up, open your computer and start typing that novel. Or pull out your sketchbook and draw that comic. You can achieve anything you set your mind to by simply doing it. 

5. On the importance of motivating your people

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There’s nothing more powerful than one human helping another succeed. Motivation is a mighty tool that all leaders must have in their arsenal. And the best leaders, both in history and those smaller ones at home know this implicitly. Motivation can help change behavior for the better, and keep you moving towards your goal even when the road looks too long. So its importance should not be undervalued. 

6. On how in the end, money isn’t what really matters

walt disney quotes about the importance of art over money

We can all agree that money is indeed the thing that makes the world go around. But its real importance has more to do with what doors money opens for you rather than the actual paper itself. When we start our careers as young people we aim to climb the income ladder and make as much money as we possibly can. We work hard and stay late at the office, and most of us in the end will reach that goal of a big salary. Walt Disney quotes like this remind us that when we reach said goal is that money doesn’t actually make us happy after all and that we might have been much happier having chosen a job we loved instead of a well-paying one. Then we turn things around to find something that will fulfill us instead, which leaves us not working for money anymore but for personal satisfaction. 

7. On never wavering

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Never let anyone, not even yourself, pull you away from what you’ve chosen to believe in. Whether it’s a goal, an ability you have, or the knowledge you have the drive to accomplish anything you want in life. Once you’ve chosen to believe in something, keep believing until the end. Don’t allow anything to question or sway you. In the end, you’ll find that that unwavering belief is what got you to where you are today. 

8. On being an eternal student

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You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room in order to get something done. In fact, not knowing something doesn’t make you any less likely to succeed in your chosen goal either. Use the people and resources around you to help you move forward. It really is as easy as making your ignorance known for someone to step up and help you. Humans tend to love sharing knowledge about something they know or are good at. Use that to your advantage! 

9. On how every day is wonderful

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Each morning you wake up is a new chance to start all over. Live in the present and you’ll never find yourself bored or burnt out. While it’s easier said than done if you can master the ability to be in the here and now every moment you’re awake, not only will you be happier overall but you’ll also find it infinitely easier to keep working towards your achievements. 

10. On why you shouldn’t lose your curiosity as you grow up

walt disney quotes about curiosity

Walt Disney Quotes like this remind us of the power of curiosity and courage. The brain is like a muscle, and working it out can help make it function better and better. While there’s no such thing as a gym for your thoughts, there are still exercises you can do to help. One of those is making sure you stay curious. Read about something that sounded fun? Do more research on it. Really want to try out a new art class? Go for it. Found a food you’ve never heard of before? Try it! Being curious forces you to deal with the unknown, which in turn helps you develop courage. And you’ll need a lot of that when you set out to achieve your dreams!

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