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What is Indeed

Indeed is a job search engine and job board with tools for job seekers and employers. Job seekers can search job postings on Indeed’s website and from the internet. The platform is available in 60 countries and in 28 languages. With over a million job postings worldwide, Indeed is the largest job search engine.

Job seekers can use the features of the platform to manage their job search. Employers who post on Indeed have access to many tools to for understanding the job marketing and for hiring the right talent.

Features for job seekers

For job seekers, Indeed jobs search platform helps manage and organize the job search. Different features of the platform enable users to search for openings, apply to jobs, and manage their interviews, and secure an offer. The features of the platform include:

Job alerts – job alerts can be set and emailed to job seekers so that they get the most recently added jobs. Organizations looking to quickly hire usually interview the first batch of qualified candidates they receive. Getting an application in early can be the difference between landing an interview or missing out on an opportunity.

In platform messaging – job seekers can receive and reply to messages from prospective employers through the platform. Communication threads can also be tied to the job application, keeping everything organized.

Job application management tools – job seekers can apply for jobs directly in the platform. They can also update the status of their application as it changes. This allows job seekers to manage what positions they applied for and which ones they are interviewing for.

Salary comparison – Indeed’s salary tool allows job seekers to research the salary range of the job they’re applying for. Having more information is key in negotiating salary; the right information will help avoid starting too high or too low.

Post your resume – job seekers can upload a resume that can be searched by potential employers. This allows for two-way search between employers and potential candidates.

Company reviews – company reviews are a great way for a job seeker to understand what a company is like. Job seekers can also submit reviews about their previous employers.

Features for employers

Indeed offers many services to help companies manage their recruiting needs. The platform also has other tools to help companies understand the hiring landscape. All of these products and features come together to help businesses make better decisions about how to expend their recruiting resources.

Resume database – employers can search through Indeed’s resume database to find potential candidates. The right candidate may not be searching for a job in the immediate and as a result may not see the job opening. By searching through the database, recruiters can find and connect with the right candidates for the role.

Analytics dashboard – employers can use Indeed’s analytics dashboard to manage their job postings. The dashboard provides an overview of the candidate funnel, click-through rates, and job clicks. All of this data allows for the recruiting team to make better decisions about their recruiting efforts.

Hiring Insights – before posting a job, Indeed’s Hiring Insights allows employer to understand the competitive landscape in the market. The search dashboard tells employers how many other postings for a similar job are on Indeed, the number of job seekers for the role, and the average salary. Recruiters can use this information to understand how to pitch their role to attract the best candidates.

Integration to website – the platform can also integrate to the company’s HR site. This makes it easy for prospective candidates who are browsing a posting to apply with their Indeed account in one click.

Other job search engines and job boards

There are other job search engines and job boards that have are similar to Indeed. Some other large job search engines and job boards include CareerBuilder, Monster, and Linkedin. All have the same general features, such as resume search, while some have more nuanced features, like in platform communication.

CareerBuilder – the second largest job search engine and has similar features to Indeed. They have a reputation for posting quality full-time jobs and attracting candidates with post-secondary education. As a result, employers who want to avoid spam-like applications choose Career Builder.

Monster – one of the original online job boards, Monster offers all the same features as Indeed. Job seekers can also pay to have their resume reviewed by one of TopResumes’ writers.

LinkedIn – for job seekers, the greatest differentiating factor of LinkedIn is that it lists people within your network who work at the prospective company. Job seekers can reach out to their connection in the company to learn more about the role and even for a potential referral.

Job Search Engines

Indeed reviews

While there are many other job search engines and boards, Indeed greatest strength is its dominance as the number one search engine. Job seekers who are looking for a variety of roles, such as contract or part-time, can use Indeed to find these roles. Its clean, simple no fuss user interface is easy to navigate. Job seekers can keep their job search organized by managing their search and applications within the platform.

Its dominant position also allows it to offer job postings for free or at very low cost. This is a great option for small and mid-sized businesses who have limited budget for recruiting; other sites, like Monster, can cost $219 per post. Access to additional platform features, like analytics, come at a monthly subscription fee.

One drawback of the Indeed jobs search engine is that it aggregates postings from the internet and its postings into search results. This leads to potential duplicates or inaccurate openings with postings. Also, because the site has thousands of job postings, job seekers can spend a lot of time sifting through for the right roles. Other job boards may help focus the search by specializing in some areas. E.g. Flexjobs for remote work.

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