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enneagram 2 | The Helper


Our personality is a significant aspect of what makes us unique. However, as special as we are, all personalities can be categorized. Over the years, many scholars have studied the psychology of personality. As a result, many personality tests have been created. These tests have allowed people to understand more about themselves, including their strengths and weaknesses. While there are many personality tests available, a widely used test is called the Enneagram. The Enneagram test is divided into nine sections. The second section of this test is called the enneagram 2.

If you want to learn more about enneagram 2, keep reading.

Overview of the Enneagram 2

Individuals with enneagram type 2 personalities are also known as the helpers in society. These people are often empathetic, genuine, and understanding of others.

At their most basic sense, people with an enneagram type 2 personality are:

  • Very friendly towards others and themselves
  • Have a generous spirit and enjoying giving to others
  • Often put the needs of others before themselves
  • Have difficulties expressing negative emotions
  • Find it easy to understand the needs and sentiments of other people
  • Very approachable individuals who do not have trouble making friends
  • Choose to be caring and very gentle towards others
  • Will go with the flow of things around them

Overall, an enneagram type 2 strives to make the world a better place. Not just for themselves, but others as well.

enneagram 2


Moreover, when enneagram 2’s are living authentically, they exhibit many strengths. These assets not only occur in a professional setting but also their personal life. Some of these notable strengths include:

  • Having a positive attitude, even in stressful situations
  • The genuine desire to get to know others
  • Perseverance and dedication to achieving their goals
  • Supporting the people around them regardless of the problem at hand
  • The heightened ability to recognize what other people need
  • The ability to resolve conflict with others
  • The ability to give meaningful, constructive feedback to those around them
  • Can generate conversations with anyone they are around
  • The ability to communicate effectively

As you can see, when an enneagram 2 is at their best, they can be a valued member at work and in the community. They are there to work hard, support others, and keep their spirits high when times are tough.


On the other hand, when an enneagram 2 is not at their best, they can experience many weaknesses. Some of these weaknesses include:

  • The need to have constant approval from others
  • Being easily offended by the words and actions of others
  • Being unable to take criticism with a grain of salt
  • Having difficulty recognizing their own needs
  • Putting themselves last
  • Experiencing feelings of worthlessness
  • The belief that they must be unselfish to experience love and acceptance

When these individuals neglect their needs, they can become resentful and angry. As a result of internalizing these feelings, they can experience stress and great sadness. This often happens when others do not show their appreciation or approval of their actions and worthiness.

Healthy Type 2 vs. Unhealthy Type 2

Furthermore, while many individuals express positive versions of the enneagram 2 personality, some people do not. This can lead to unhealthy expressions of behaviours that can lead to negative first impressions. Here is a look at the differences between a healthy and unhealthy type 2 personality.

Healthy Type 2

  • Selflessness that is fulfilled by unconditional love
  • Comfortable sharing their needs with other people
  • Recognize and accept who they are
  • Acknowledge their self-worth
  • Are mindful of themselves and others
  • Understand the true meaning of compassion
  • The ability to form meaningful connections with other people

Unhealthy Type 2

  • Feelings of despair due to criticism of others
  • Constantly overanalyzing their mistakes
  • Becoming clingy in relationships
  • The inability to feels fulfilled by themselves
  • Constantly feeling as though they are the victim
  • The ability to become manipulative in situations they feel they are unable to control
  • Senselessly blame others for their misfortune
  • Use excuses for every action they take towards themselves and other people

As you can see, there is quite a difference between a healthy and unhealthy type 2 personality. Therefore, these individuals must seek to be the healthy embodiment of themselves. Otherwise, it could lead to consequences in their personal and employment life.

The Enneagram 2 in Relationships

Moreover, when an enneagram 2 is in a relationship, they can love with their entire hearts. They make great support systems for their partner. Additionally, they are also highly positive and outgoing when they feel comfortable.

However, at times, they may feel underappreciated when their partner does not respond to their feelings. Thus, this can lead to negative emotions that often become depressed. When this happens, they can lose sight of themselves and use manipulation to feel fulfilled. However, when their partner reciprocates their appreciation and support, they can experience positive relationships. These relationships are well balanced and warm with generosity and support.

Best Careers for an Enneagram 2

Furthermore, an enneagram 2 personality succeeds best when they are supporting others around them. Therefore, here are some of the most suited careers you may wish to look into:

  1. Counsellor or psychologist
  2. Nurse or doctor
  3. A teacher or professor
  4. Leader of a non-profit organization
  5. Community coordinator for those less fortunate
  6. Customer service representative
  7. A religious director
  8. Social worker
  9. Human resource manager
  10. Humanitarian worker

Each one of these jobs provides endless opportunities to help others. Therefore, by performing this type of work, type 2 can feel fulfilled while making a living.

Famous Enneagram Type 2’s

Moreover, there have been many enneagram 2 personalities throughout history that have positively impacted their community. Here are some famous individuals you may recognize:

  • Mother Teresa
  • Celine Dion
  • Jessica Alba
  • Nancy Reagan
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Hagrid from Harry Potter
  • Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games

As you can see, all people listed have positively impacted others. This happens when they use their strengths and weaknesses to their advantage.

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