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enneagram 3 achiever personality type

Human personality is an excellent way to discover more about yourself and others. This is why many scholars throughout history have dedicated hours of research to the topic. As a result, this has led to the development of several personality tests. Each, with a new way of categorizing and explaining what the different personalities are. While there are many available, a popular one is called The Enneagram. This personality test is divided into nine categories. And today, we will be talking about the enneagram 3 group. This group is also known as the achiever or the performer.

To learn more about the enneagram type 3, keep reading.

Overview of the Enneagram Type 3

As an achiever an enneagram 3 personality is ambitious, confident, and dedicated to achieving their goals. Known for their energetic essence, an enneagram type 3 is someone who:

  • Makes an effort to set goals and accomplish them
  • Is adaptable to changing circumstances
  • Focuses on becoming the best version of themselves
  • Finds validation for who they are by achieving success
  • Has a deep-seated fear of not being good enough
  • Is fearful of being unlovable
  • They are charismatic and willing to make friends wherever they go
  • Lives a busy lifestyle without much downtime

As you can see, while the enneagram 3 personality is highly charming and professional, they can also be insecure.

enneagram 3Strengths of the Enneagram Type 3

Furthermore, when those with type 3 personalities are living a balanced lifestyle, they exhibit many strengths. Some of these strengths include:

  • Being a motiving individual in their environment
  • Having the ability to encourage other people to do their best
  • the charisma to and confidence to meet and connect with other people
  • The ability to thrive in professional environments
  • Open to new opportunities and taking on more responsibility
  • Able to take constructive criticism and use it to better themselves
  • Have the ability to think critically and practically
  • Will persevere towards their goal to succeed at all costs

Those with enneagram 3 personalities are go-getters. They live to achieve and be innovative as professionals. They are also someone who enjoys recognition to feel valued. Thus, when a type 3 individual is at their best, nothing stops them from achieving greatness in this world.

Weaknesses of the Enneagram Type 3

While there are many admirable qualities of enneagram type 3 personalities, they also have many weaknesses. These weaknesses often manifest when they are not living a balanced life. As a result, they can become overworked and tired. Therefore, some of these weaknesses include:

  • Holding too much focus on their public self-image
  • Difficulty handling and accepting failure as an opportunity to learn
  • Avoiding their feelings and needs
  • Can be too competitive at times
  • Viewed as someone insensitive to other people
  • Being self-conscious about themselves
  • Telling lies to others to make themselves appear better than they are
  • Extreme worry about their performance in their personal and work-life

As you can see, while type 3 personalities may seem as though they are succeeding, they may be putting on a fake persona to aid their self-image. Nonetheless, they may be experiencing burnout and failures at every turn. This is why it is important that enneagram 3’s focus on their strengths at all times.

Healthy Type 3 vs. Unhealthy Type 3

As mentioned, enneagram 3 personalities are highly successful. This occurs when they are living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, when they are living an unhealthy lifestyle, they can be vindictive and mean. Here are some of the differences between a healthy and unhealthy enneagram type 3.


  • An authentic individual who accepts their strengths and weaknesses
  • Able to find humour in any situation
  • Gentle and energetic when the time is right
  • Strive to be the best person they can be
  • Stay true to their beliefs and values
  • Value themselves and are confident
  • Have a huge heart and understanding towards others
  • A humble role model for other people to look up to


  • Exploiting opportunities to help them succeed
  • Can sabotage others so they can succeed over them
  • Being jealous of other people and their accomplishments
  • Very self-conscious and worried about what other people think of them
  • Fearful of being humiliated by other people
  • Will lie about their failures and mistakes
  • Willing to go out of the way to ruin other people
  • Have an inflated sense of ego

Enneagram 3’s in Relationships

Furthermore, when an enneagram 3 is in a relationship, they will go out of their way to ensure they are the best version of themselves for their partner. This means going above and beyond to make sure they are happy, healthy, and loved. However, when type 3’s are not their best selves, they can lose focus on their partner and be immersed in their careers. This often creates a divide in the relationship. Additionally, if they do not seek approval from their partners, they can experience anxiety and feelings of worthiness. This, of course, can create tension, causing them to lose sight of who they are.

Best Careers for Type 3’s

As you may have picked up, enneagram 3’s strives to achieve goals in their personal and employment life. Therefore, here are some careers that allow them to dream big and succeed.

  • Lawyer
  • Surgeon
  • Politician
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Marketing and Advertising Consultant
  • Investment Banker
  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Business Executives
  • Computer programmer
  • Luxury Real Estate Agent
  • Movie or Music Producer
  • Journalist
  • Author

Not only do these careers allow for international success, but they are also great opportunities for enneagram 3 personalities to meet and connect with other people, which is something they are incredibly successful in doing.

Famous Type 3’s

As enneagram 3 personalities strive to succeed in life, there are numerous examples of famous type 3’s throughout history. Some of them, we are sure you will recognize. Take a look at some renowned enneagram type 3’s below:

  • Beyonce Knowles
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Lady Gaga
  • Tom Cruise
  • Meghan Markle
  • Will Smith
  • Justin Bieber
  • Paul McCartney
  • Whitney Huston
  • Tiger Woods
  • Elvis Presley
  • Michael Jordan
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Muhammed Ali
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Madonna
  • Taylor Swift

As you can see, many enneagram 3 individuals have succeeded on an international scale throughout history. They have also succeeded within their communities while being role models for others.

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