Highest Paying Jobs: Top 5 in Canada

The highest paying jobs in Canada aren’t difficult to come by. Whether you’ve freshly graduated from high school or are looking into changing your career path, the future salary, along with other factors such as your educational requirements, and what interests you have. And often, these factors play a significant role in whether pursuing a particular opportunity is a good idea and whether investing your money and time upfront will pay off in the long run. Therefore, if you want to learn more about the highest paying jobs in Canada, we’ve put together a list so you can better determine whether one of these career paths is right for you.

5 of the highest paying jobs in Canada

Here are 15 of the highest paying jobs in Canada today. Let us know if any of the positions listed below are ones you may be considering for yourself!


highest paying jobs number 1 cardiologist

  1. Cardiologist

Cardiologists are specialized doctors with expertise in the heart and the cardiovascular system. These doctors tend to work at hospitals or at their own private practice. Cardiologists treat diverse cardiovascular diseases from high or low blood pressure, coronary heart disease to hypertension.

Furthermore, to become a cardiologist, you must first achieve an undergraduate degree and successfully finish a medical degree afterward. Once you have graduated, you will be required to undergo your residency, ranging from six to seven years.

Accordingly, the average salary of a cardiologist in Canada is $319,809 per year. As a result, to earn this salary, you must first dedicate yourself to years of school and hands-on training to work alongside other prestigious doctors in the profession.



  1. Anesthesiologist

Next on our list of the highest paying jobs in Canada are anesthesiologists. Like cardiologists, an anesthesiologist is also a specialized physician that aids other surgeons and doctors. Their job entails calculating the precise amount of andesitic medication to prescribe to a patient undergoing surgery to ensure they remain safe and unconscious.

Therefore, to become an anesthesiologist, you must complete an undergraduate degree, followed by a medical degree. Once you have graduated from medical school, you will then have to complete a residency, working in a medical facility for a total of five years before applying to the board of physicians in Canada and your specific province or territory.

Correspondingly, the average salary of an anesthesiologist is $316, 623 per year. However, you will need to complete years of school before making this salary, which is something to consider.




  1. Lawyer

Moving onto the next highest paying jobs in Canada is in law. As a lawyer, your job is to ensure that the area of law you practice is upheld and followed by the general public, governments, and businesses. One of the beneficial aspects of the law is that it is highly diverse. This means that you can work in criminal justice, business law, tax law, entertainment law, and more. Thus, making this profession more customizable to your individual passions and interests.

To become a lawyer in Canada, you must graduate from any undergraduate program before applying and completing law school. In your last year of law school, students must article with a law firm in Canada. This means, for a year, you will be working alongside other lawyers at a law firm to gain real-world experience working with real cases and clients. Once you have logged the appropriate number of hours, you will then have to study and pass the bar exam in order to practice law on your own in Canada.

Accordingly, the average salary of a lawyer is $300,000. However, remember that this will vary depending on the type of law you practice, how many years of experience you have, and where you choose to practice law throughout the country. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic job to have.



  1. Psychiatrist

Moreover, the fourth highest-paying job in Canada is a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is another type of specialized doctor who concentrates on the field of mental health, including diagnosing and treating mental health disorders. Unlike psychologists who also counsel patients, psychiatrists have the medical standing to prescribe medications.

Therefore, to become a psychiatrist in Canada, you first need to obtain an undergraduate degree, followed by a medical degree. Again, once you have graduated from medical school, you will then be required to do your residency program, which is four to five years in length. During this time, you will focus on helping other psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental health patients.

The average salary of a psychiatrist in Canada is $263,847 per year. While it is quite significantly lower than the other highest paying jobs on the list, it still requires you to successfully complete years of schooling to practice.


Orthodontist highest paying jobs

  1. Orthodontist

Last on our list of the highest paying jobs in Canada is an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a specialist you see for any problems related to misaligned teeth and jaw injuries you may have. Therefore, they tend to administer braces, retainers, and additional dental services to patients.

To become an orthodontist in Canada, you need to get an undergraduate degree and a dentistry degree. Once you have graduated from dentistry school, you will then need to pass your exams and obtain a specialized license. Accordingly, the average salary of an orthodontist in Canada is $188, 232 per year. However, this can range depending on your years of experience, whether you own your own private practice, and where you choose to work throughout the country.


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Some of the Other Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

As you can see, many of the highest paying jobs in Canada are in the medical field and in law. However, if this does not match your current passions and interests, here are some other jobs that just might!

  • Chief Marketing Officer: $158,964 per year
  • Vice President of a Company: $141,471 per year
  • School Administrator: $134,000 per year
  • Software Engineer: $133, 510 per year

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