Are You a Hopeless Romantic?

hopeless romantic

As human beings, it’s in our nature to search for love. Having a romantic connection with someone is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. And while many of us are lucky enough to have a passionate relationship with someone throughout our lifetime, it can be a different story for a hopeless romantic. But what is a hopeless romantic? Is being hopelessly in love something to worry about? And how can you tell if you are one yourself? Keep reading for more information!

Key Takeaways

  • Hopeless Romantics dream about grand romantic gestures and prioritize love.
  • Although being hopelessly in love is not bad, it is essential to find balance in your love life.

What is a Hopeless Romantic?

A hopeless romantic desires a storybook romance filled with rainbows and butterflies. They dream about grand romantic gestures and blissful experiences, regardless of any negative encounters they’ve had with love in the past. All in all, a hopeless romantic often falls in love with the idea of being in love and what it can potentially offer, rather than the individual they decide to be with. This way, they can still have their version of happily ever after, even if the person they are with is not the best for them. Some other signs you or someone you know is a hopeless romantic are:

  • They cannot notice red flags, even if they have been in a relationship with their partner for a long time.
  • A hopeless romantic will fall hard for new people quickly. They tend to experience an instant connection with everyone they meet.
  • An hopelessly in love individual will spend their time daydreaming about being in a relationship, getting married, and being in love.
  • They tend to lovebomb their partners even if they are in a toxic relationship.
  • A hopeless romantic may constantly find themselves in a one-sided relationship.
  • Regardless of how many hurtful breakups they experience, they still believe their grandiose romantic relationship will happen.
  • These individuals will make love and relationships their priority.
  • They are straightforward and know precisely what they want in their version of a perfect partner.
  • A hopeless romantic sees the best in everyone, despite how others treat them.
  • They do not prioritize themselves and will go out of their way to make sure their partner is happy rather than take care of themselves.
  • Although they date a lot, they have difficulties maintaining long-term relationships.
  • They believe that nothing is more important than achieving their happily ever after.

Is it healthy to be a hopeless romantic?

Furthermore, now that we understand what a hopeless romantic is, you’re probably wondering whether being one is healthy or not. And to answer this question, there is nothing wrong with being hopelessly in love and appreciating the diverse aspects of romance. In fact, it is healthy to know what you want and expect from someone when you are in a relationship with them.

However, when you are unaware of hopeless romantic tendencies like those listed above, you can find yourself stuck in unhealthy situations. Moreover, hopeless romantics are more likely to experience more difficult breakups with partners as they have invested so much energy into another person. As a result, this can lead them to believe they have lost a considerable part of themselves, leading to unhealthy behaviors and a lack of self-esteem.

In addition, hopeless romantics cannot pick up on red flags in a relationship. It can put them at risk of being treated horribly without the self-awareness they require to leave a situation that is not healthy for them. Lastly, if you are a hopeless romantic, you likely set yourself up for failure more often than not when it comes to love. Again, this can leave you feeling more disappointed than fulfilled in love.

hopeless romantic flowers

How to balance love and practicality

As mentioned above, there is nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic. However, there are ways to balance love and practicality. You can find a partner who loves and treats you the way you deserve.

Here is how you can be a hopeful romantic rather than a hopeless romantic:

1. Be Clear with What You Want Up Front

The first way to find a healthy balance in love is to be upfront with what you expect and what you want from your potential partner. Even though dating can be overwhelming, it’s better to be upfront and communicate. Talk with your partner in the early stages of any relationship rather than become distracted by love and the honeymoon phase. This way, you can ensure that your relationship is 50/50, not one-sided.

2. Stay Away from Romanticizing Drama

Yes, all couples have their fair share of conflict and drama. However, you mustn’t romanticize this conflict by allowing it to overshadow the positive aspects of your relationship. Therefore, you may be in a toxic relationship if you notice that you and your partner have not been getting along. So, rather than overlooking the negative aspects of your relationship, it is best to confront them and determine if your relationship is something you want to continue working on.

3. Don’t Focus on Grandiose Love Gestures

Like pushing drama under the rug, you also need to be realistic about grand love gestures rather than confronting them. While it is okay to dream of grand romantic gestures on special occasions, you should not let them define your relationship. Otherwise, you can overlook more minor gestures your partner provides you with every day and ignore the type of person.

4. Don’t Compare Your Relationship with Others

It’s easy to compare your relationship with others. However, it’s key to remember that all relationships are different, and people express love in different ways. Therefore, by focusing on other people’s relationships, you can take aspects of your own relationship for granted and remain looking for unattainable love.

5. Understand that Relationships Change Over Time

All relationships change over time, and therefore, you can’t expect to remain in the honeymoon phase forever. Thus, rather than being upset the honeymoon phase is over, try looking for new methods to romanticize your relationship. This way, you can keep that spark alive together.


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