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INTJ personality type

The Myers-Briggs personality questionnaire helps individuals find out about their personalities. The test enables you to learn about their positive and negative points, likes, and preferences. Additionally, you can be aware of how you typically function in the workplace, build relationships and succeed in life. In this article, we will discuss the INTJ personality type.


  • INTJs are introverts
  • They always seem to know it all
  • INTJs struggle to express emotions
  • The architects are rational and logical in their problem-solving approach
  • INTJs are ambitious and will not allow anything to come in the way of achieving their goals

INTJ – Overview

Intj stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging. The personality assessment identifies 16 personality types and intj is one of them. This personality type is unique, as only 1 to 4 percent of the population falls under this category. The INTJ is also known as the Architect. These people are rational and have analytical minds. INTJs have a quick wit and the ability to spot areas for improvement. They strive to gain knowledge and perfection. INTJ personalities are great performers and lifelong learners as well.

intj personality

INTJ – Strengths

Let us take a look at an INTJ’s strengths which they can use to their advantage:

  • Dependable: INTJs are reliable. They are loyal and stay committed to their responsibilities. This may not hold for personal commitments though. Yet, in most cases, these individuals will see a commitment to the very end.
  • Independent: The architects prefer being lone wolves. They rely only on themselves. They like getting things done their way. INTJs make sure that rules and regulations do not keep them from succeeding. Furthermore, they focus on work above all else.
  • Ambitious: INTJ personalities have an immense drive to succeed along with deeply rooted ambitions. They like to create their own paths. Besides, these folks push themselves to reach their goals. Since INTJs are goal-oriented, they hardly let anyone or anything come in the way between themselves and their targets.
  • Inquisitive: People who identify as INTJ have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and wisdom. Their curious minds enable them to learn about many subjects. Again, they seek to find information about academic-related topics and not so much about personal matters.
  • Flexible: These individuals are open to versatility. Although a structure is important to INTJ types, they can be flexible and are willing to experiment.
  • Rationale: INTJs are creative and logical. Pragmatic people use a rational, problem-solving approach to analyze issues.

INTJ – Weaknesses

INTJ personalities aren’t without flaws. The following are the weaknesses of individuals who fall into the INTJ category:

  • Pedantic: Architects can be extremely critical. They are in perfect control of their feelings and emotional selves.
  • Ignores Emotions: INTJs are famous for their low EQ scores. In other terms, they ignore all emotional-based reasoning. They value facts more than feelings.
  • Superiority Complex: Although these people can be intellectually strong, they aren’t perfect individuals. Sometimes, they let their arrogance take over, especially when proving a point.
  • Imbalance: INTJs focus on work over personal matters. As a consequence, their personal lives, families, and relationships go for a toss. The thirst for professional success often ruins their personal lives.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy INTJs

Not all INTJs are well developed or rounded. Some of them can be “unhealthy” too. Note the following differences between healthy and unhealthy INTJs:

The Right Way: For unhealthy INTJs, their way is the only way and the right way. This group refuses to accept others’ perspectives.

Consideration: Even if a healthy INTJ is unaware of another’s emotional state of mind, she will still make room for their emotional needs. An unhealthy INTJ is inconsiderate of one’s feelings.

No Focus on Health: An unhealthy INTJ will ignore his health and wellbeing in the journey of success. A healthy INTJ will ensure she is properly hydrated, well-rested, and fueled.

Force Fitting Logic: Healthy INTJs strive to learn the truth, irrespective of whether it conforms to their requirements. On the contrary, unpolished INTJs will twist facts to force-fit their ideas.


First, let us define these two personalities. The INTJ- A is the Assertive architect and the INTJ- T happens to be the Turbulent architect.

The assertive personality is confident as opposed to the turbulent character, which relies on hard work to achieve goals. Assertive architects tread on the path not taken and can tackle challenges head-on. Conversely, turbulent architects are unafraid of changes and focus on continuous improvement. When it comes to emotions, turbulent personalities are more expressive than their assertive counterparts.

INTJ’s in Relationships

INTJs make for quite interesting partners in relationships. Since they are intellectually driven, they actively work on relationship issues. These partners believe in respecting space and constant growth. Architects prefer deep, meaningful relationships. Moreover, they insist on open and honest communication. However, as we mentioned earlier, INTJs struggle with expressing their emotions and may come across as insensitive

intj 2

Best Careers for INTJ’s

INTJs thrive in an environment that allows learning and is structured, logical, analytical, and efficient. Ideally suited for STEM concentrations, INTJs also work in business and areas of humanities. The following are some careers INTJs can consider looking into:

  • Finance and Business – Auditor, Tax consultant, Market Research Analyst, Mathematician.
  • STEM – Computer Science, Programmer, Software and Hardware engineer, Computer systems analyst. Engineering in aerospace, bio medics, civics, electrics, environment, and mechanics

INTJs also do well in law, arts, and the media industry.

Careers to avoid:

Receptionist, secretary, paralegal, preschool teacher, telemarketer, social worker.

Famous INTJ’s

Several famous “mastermind” personalities share the INTJ trait. They are:

Politicians: Vladimir Lenin, Susan B Anthony, Hillary Clinton, and Dwight D. Eisenhower

Presidents: Woodrow Wilson, John F Kennedy

Scientists: Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Nikolas Tesla, Stephen Hawking, and John Nash are some well-known INTJ scientific minds.

Business: Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

Athletes: Nick Saban, Bobby Fischer

Entertainers: James Cameron, Russell Crowe, and Jodie Foster.

Philosopher: Martin Luther, Freidrich Nietzsche

Musicians: Beethoven and Jay Z

INTJ – Interests

INTJs enjoy pursuing hobbies like reading, trekking, attending cultural events and playing video games on their computers.


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