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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator lists down the 16 personality types that determine an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. You can use this personality assessment to understand how you function or behave in a certain way. Through this test, you can figure out what gets you going and how to grab the opportunities idea for you. Out of these 16 types, INTP is one of the rarest personalities. This article will discuss INTP in detail.



  • INTPs are also known as Thinkers and Logicians
  • They are deep thinkers and have analytical and scientific minds
  • INTP personalities love being in their own company
  • These people are objective, curious, and broad-minded
  • INTP Strengths include independence, objectivity, and analytical thinking
  • INTP Weaknesses include condescension, insensitivity, and absent-mindedness

Overview of the INTP Personality Type

INTP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. People with this personality type are also called Thinkers and Logicians. This is because these individuals are highly intellectual. Besides, INTPs are mostly thinkers, philosophers, and scientists. Or genius material in short. Since they are introverted, they do not have many friends or acquaintances. They prefer to be a part of a close-knit group. In the same way, they do not prefer talking or gossiping. These people would rather be with their thoughts. Like the INTJs, they have analytical minds. Additionally, INTPs are quite rare among all personalities. They make up almost 5 percent of the population. Let’s take a deep dive into the intp personality

INTP – Strengths

People with INTP characteristics have several plus points, some of which are listed below:

  • Independent: Being independent is a good thing. And INTPs are masters at self-reliance. Furthermore, they know how to make responsible decisions. Since they are self-secured. they are confident and mature. Once INTPs make a decision, they will stick by it no matter what life throws at them. Another important aspect of being independent is self-respect.
  • Imaginative: INTPs can look at things from unique angles. They always manage to come up with novel perspectives on matters. Additionally, these beautiful complex beings demonstrate creative prowess due to their rich imaginative propensities.
  • Analytical: Individuals with INTP pride themselves on being logically accurate. Due to this nature, these folks dislike simple logical errors. Logicians tend to study and analyze everything around them, be it complex mathematical formulas to human psychology.
  • Objective: As INTPs are driven, they follow through and achieve their objectives with ease. Besides, logicians seek the truth. Consequently, they expect other people to be fair and transparent in return.
  • Open-Minded: People with the intp personality are receptive to new ideas that are backed by sound reasoning. They are broad-minded and are no strangers to trying out new ways of doing things.

INTP – Weaknesses

Like all other personalities, INTPs too have their shortcomings. The following are a typical intp’s disadvantages:

  • Superiority Complex: Since intps are generally smarter, they tend to be arrogant. An intp is overly critical and condescending. In contrast, at times, they can be humble as well.
  • Obliviousness: INTPs are absent-minded. They spend so much time thinking and organizing their thoughts that they can forget about their surroundings. You have to constantly remind an intp to pay his bills and other dues on time. Furthermore, an INTP may struggle to meet deadlines.
  • Insensitive: People often see INTPs as cold and harsh. Logicians score low in EQ and lack sensitivity. As a result, they end up easily offending others.

intp thinker and logician

Healthy vs. Unhealthy INTPs

Balanced or healthy INTPs base their logic on facts and truth. They have rare perspectives on matters and use their creative abilities to solve complex problems. Additionally, INTPs explore new avenues of thought while learning how the world functions. Lastly, these individuals learn from experience and can handle stress calmly in trying situations.

Conversely, an unhealthy INTP thinks in a twisted way. He isolates himself from humanity and completely disregards others’ feelings. He will also look down upon his peers if they don’t understand his way of thinking.

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Let us now look at the difference between Assertive and Turbulent Logicians:

  • Assertive logicians are more cautious than their Turbulent counterparts
  • Turbulent INTPs constantly seek to improve themselves
  • The Assertive types rarely let people upset them and do not hold grudges.
  • The INTP-T types are more sensitive and neurotic

INTPs in Relationships 

When it comes to relationships, INTPs stay loyal and faithful to their loved ones. They are straightforward and passionate. INTPs are serious lovers and prefer honesty. However, they may not always be able to express themselves clearly. Another downside is that INTPs try and avoid conflict. This is either because they are blind to emotions or they look at situations objectively.

Best Careers for INTP Personality Type

As INTPs are creative and value intelligence, they are a valuable asset to any organization. The following are certain career choices for INTPs:

  1. Engineering – This is an ideal career path for creative thinkers and problem solvers.
  2. Science – INTPs make great inventors. Research and development are great choices for these folks.
  3. Computer Programming – Coding and developing bring out the best version of an INTP.
  4. Law – An intp will thrive in this profession because of her analytical skills and ability to think logically.
  5. Pedagogy – Academia is a suitable environment for the INTP. This is because they love being surrounded by academicians and intellectuals.
  6. Music – The independence and creativity associated with music prove to be a wonderful career path for an INTP.

Careers to avoid – INTPs should stay away from menial work, jobs that require being emotionally sensitive, and work that has no scope for creativity.

charles darwin

Famous INTP’s

Some well-known personalities that identify as INTP include William Harvey, Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, and Charles Darwin

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