Top 10 Jobs for Creatives

jobs for creatives


While we all have a creative side, not everyone chooses to pursue a career in a creative field. However, gone are the days where jobs for creatives were viewed as being less suitable. Additionally, you won’t have to suffer a salary cut when choosing a more artistic career. Creative professions bring forth innovation in ways that analytical thinking cannot. This is why numerous creative professions are high-paying and offer individuals the freedom of using their imagination. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of 10 jobs for creatives that you may be interested in for yourself. Take a look through our top selection below and let us know which jobs for creatives you’re interested in pursuing!

Jobs for Creatives

Creative jobs offer plenty of opportunities for collaboration and flexibility in scheduling. Therefore, if you enjoy working with others, being artistic, and flexible days, here are the best jobs for creatives.

1. Copywriter

One of the most popular jobs for creatives, especially in the digital age, is copywriting. A copywriter works directly with businesses to produce their website content, blog posts, social media posts, and any other writing pieces. Often, this writing is done in the style and tone that reflects the business. One of the great things about copywriting is that you can choose to work in an office as part of a company or freelance on your own. Additionally, you will also have the freedom to work at home.

2. Interior Designer

Next on our list of jobs for creatives is interior design. If you have an eye for color pallets, furniture, architecture, and décor, becoming an interior designer is a great career that allows you to be as creative as possible. Furthermore, being an interior designer also provides numerous opportunities to work with architects, builders, homeowners, and business owners to help them bring their space to life based on their style and budget.

3. Website Designer

Moreover, another fantastic job for those with an artistic passion is website design. As a web designer, you’ll be in charge of creating websites for businesses that are aesthetic and functional. Web design is a career that is well in demand, especially as more companies are moving online during the digital age. Again, this is another one of those jobs for creatives that allows you to work in an office, or freelance on your own, to provide you with the flexibility you want.

4. Graphic Design

Furthermore, the fourth job for creatives that may interest you is graphic design. If you are a talented artist, graphic design may be the perfect job for you. One of the excellent aspects of graphic design is that there is plenty of diversity within the field. For example, you can work with businesses to create logos, base your profession working in social media, content creation, or work with marketing companies to create campaigns. In addition, this job also provides you the ability to work as a freelancer or with a larger organization if you wish.

When it comes to graphic design there are a bunch of free online tools (Instasize, Canva, Adobe Spark) that you can use to get started.

5. Tattoo Artist

The next job for creatives on our list is a tattoo artist. As a tattoo artist, your job is to consult with clients to help bring their ideas for tattoos into reality. You’ll work to sketch ideas out, help with placement, and perform the actual tattooing process. This job is perfect for individuals who are skilled at drawing, and confident in their artistic abilities. Remember, there is very little room for error when tattooing other people.

jobs for creatives

6. Makeup Artist

Moreover, if you are someone who enjoys being creative and using makeup, then becoming a makeup artist may be right for you. As a makeup artist, your job is to work with clients before their special events to help them look their best. Accordingly, you can work in several industries as a makeup artist, including actors, other celebrities, brides, and other clients. In addition, being a makeup artist, you can also pursue a career in special effects makeup. In this role, you can work on movie sets to create all sorts of special effects and prosthetics that help movies be convincing.

7. Art Director

Furthermore, another job for creatives that may interest you is working as an art director. In this profession, your job is to supervise other artists who are working on productions to ensure the final result reflects the artistic vision. Art directors can work in many fields, including advertising, theatre, films, and more. As a result, this job provides you with the ability to be creative and take on more of a business role as well.

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8. Film Editor

Moreover, next on our list of jobs for creatives is a film and video editor. Using various video-editing software programs, film editors help create a finished product that tells a specific story. As a result, this job allows you to collaborate with other creatives, from camera operators, directors, and project managers to other production team members, to help the artistic vision come to life in a captivating way.

9. Fashion Designer

Furthermore, another excellent job for creatives is as a fashion designer. This job allows for self-expression and offers people the opportunity to collaborate while traveling the world. As a fashion designer, you’ll be responsible for choosing fabrics, designing clothing, and working with other creatives from photographers, models, fashion brands, and more. Additionally, this job offers a ton of flexibility in scheduling, and you have the option of working in several fashion industries, from children’s clothing to adult fashion, sportswear, and more.

10. Architect

Lastly on our list of jobs for creatives is perfect for those who enjoy designing buildings. As an architect, you have the option of designing structures for homeowners and in commercial settings, whether it be in a public or private manner. In addition, architects work with constructing companies, interior designers, landscapers, and more to anticipate costs while overseeing the construction process to ensure everything adheres to the original plans and drawings.

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