Top Reasons for Leaving a Job


Besides our homes, our work environment is a space where we spend most of our time before retirement. Therefore, it is essential that we choose a career and company that we enjoy. Not only for the benefit of ourselves but also the business we work for. With that being said, sometimes employees outgrow their current company and begin looking for a new job. On the other hand, there could be many different reasons for leaving a job that no longer suits you. This is why we’re going to be going over some of the top reasons for leaving a job. Additionally, we are also covering how you can adequately respond to new employers about why you decided to leave. Therefore, if you want to learn more about this, keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • The most common reasons for leaving a job include increases in compensation, being let go, pursuing education, seeking other opportunities, not seeing eye-to-eye with management, and not aligning with the value of the company anymore.
  • Always remain truthful when asked by a hiring manager about the reasons for leaving a job.
  • Keep your response professional and positive.
  • Leaving your job for a new one is normal, and most hiring managers will understand that you are seeking change.

What are the most common reasons for leaving a job?

While we’ve all had our reasons for leaving a job, here is a list of some of the most common:

  • Increased compensation compared to their current salary
  • There are opportunities to advance your career at another company
  • You want to change your current job and pursue a different one or go back to school
  • Layoffs have occurred at your company
  • You have been let go from your employment position for any reason
  • An employee does not get along with or agree with the current management
  • There is a disconnect between the employee’s values and the company culture of the business they currently work for

As you can see, the reasons for leaving a job will vary from person to person. Leaving a position to pursue new employment opportunities elsewhere is a common practice that many employees do at least once in their career. In fact, on average, employees tend to leave their current company to move elsewhere every four years.

reasons for leaving a job

What are good reasons for leaving a job?

Although leaving your job is a regular aspect of being a professional, employers consider some reasons more viable than others. This is because they want to know that you are a reliable individual who is able to remain stable and work with their company long-term as opposed to a couple of months. Therefore, now that we understand some of the most common reasons for leaving a job let’s look at what is considered a ‘good reason’ that may motivate you to begin looking for other work.

1. A better opportunity has presented itself.

Opportunities present themselves whether we are looking for them or not. As a result, if you come across an opportunity that provides you with an improved situation, no employer is going to fault you for wanting to take it.

2. You want to grow professionally.

Moreover, the next reason why you may wish to leave your current job position is to grow professionally. For example, you may want to take on more responsibility and learn new skills. However, your employer is unable to accommodate your request. Therefore, rather than stay, you can begin looking for a new job that is able to help guide you in the next step of your career journey.

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3. You chose to pursue further education.

Furthermore, many individuals choose to leave their current job in order to go back to school to upgrade their academic qualifications. Not only will this help you obtain a better job in the future, but it also looks good to employers who are hiring.

4. Pursuing a career path that is different from your current role.

Our personal goals can change at any time. Therefore, another of the best reasons to leave a job is to change your career path and try something new that can provide you with the fulfillment you are searching for.

5. A personal reason.

Contrary to popular belief, most employers understand when individuals need to change jobs due to a personal reason. And while disclosing personal details is not a requirement, remember that your health and wellbeing should be your number one priority.

6. You are in search of a new work arrangement.

Moreover, another one of the reasons why it is okay to leave your job is because you are looking for a new work arrangement. Whether you want to work remotely, part-time, or a job that provides you with more flexibility, a hiring manager will be open to receiving this as a response.

Example of How to Answer the Question “Why did you leave your previous job?”

Furthermore, now that we know some of the right reasons for leaving a job, here is an example of how to answer any you left when asked by a hiring manager.

Example Answer

I was very fortunate to work with an inspiring team of professionals who demonstrated good leadership. However, I am open to expanding my current skill set in order to grow as a profession. With my experience in ______, I feel as though I hold the required qualifications that provide me with a foundation that will guide me in this position while providing me the opportunity to grow within your company.

Regardless of the answer, you provide to a hiring manager, the most important thing to remember is to be honest, and straightforward. Although it may be awkward to inform a prospective employer that you were let go from your previous position, lying can end up backfiring on you. Therefore, the best way to respond is by putting a positive spin on all answers to show hiring managers the potential you hold.

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