DISC Test: What is the Inspiring Personality Type?

What are the four DISC personality types?

Here are the four DISC personality types and a brief description of each one:

D or Dominant: The dominant person is direct, forceful, strong-willed and proactive.
I or Inspiring: Inspiring: The inspiring person is enthusiastic, outgoing, ideas-oriented, and fun.
S or Supportive: Supportive: The supportive person is patient, diplomatic, flexible, and empathetic.
C or Conscientious: Conscientious: The conscientious person is detailed, accurate, thorough, and precise

What are the general characteristics of the Inspiring person?

The I personality type loves to be the center of attention. They are very verbal, enthusiastic, excited and excitable. Inspiring people live in the world of ideas and persuasion. Nothing makes them happier than to be in a room with other enthusiastic people exchanging or collaborating on exciting new ideas. They are persuasive, spontaneous and emotional. Inspiring people love working with other people when they are able to contribute their creative ideas and like and enjoy the people they work with.

What are their strengths?

Inspiring people have many new ideas. Their ideas are creative and unique. Often ideas come to them when their minds are at ease. When they’re exercising or taking a shower or laying in bed ready to fall asleep, they are hit with world-changing ideas of all kinds.

They are out-of-the-box thinkers. People often like having them around because they contribute humor to any situation. They lighten the mood and are quick to negotiate to avoid conflict. Positivity is very important to them and they have an optimistic view of the future. They tend to think of the exciting future and don’t really care about the past. They live in the present only when there’s something exciting going on.

Inspiring people are natural networkers. They know people from all walks of life and are able to strike up conversation quickly.

Talking comes naturally to the Inspiring person. They are very quick on their feet and are often great at interviews and public speaking. Inspiring people are natural performers.

Vision is a great strength of the Inspiring personality type. They can see into the future and have the ability to paint a picture of what the future will look like to the people around them.

What are their weaknesses?

Their weaknesses include talking too much, struggling to complete projects, paying attention to detail, being a good listener, dealing with time, and focusing on one thing for a long time.

1. The Inspiring person is very verbal and is a good communicator, but sometimes their verbal nature gets out of hand. They can talk and talk and talk until people around them feel tired!

2. The Inspiring person struggles to complete projects because, for them, the fun is in thinking of an exciting new idea. Completing often takes hard work that isn’t fun, and they tend to get bored. Moving on to an exciting new idea is more appealing to them than completing the old (now boring) idea.

3. Paying attention to detail is a struggle for the Inspiring personality type. They are more likely to be interested in team morale and personal popularity than they are in achieving measurable accomplishments. While they know that detail is important, immersing themselves in detail drains their energy.

4. Listening is a weakness of the Inspiring person. They would rather do the talking themselves, and so maybe perceived as uncaring or self-absorbed. They give the impression of only being interested in themselves and their needs and desires, not those of others.

5. Time is viewed differently by the Inspiring person. They see time as fluid. While others are working, they are playing. While others are asleep, they are working. They can be late, and they can underestimate how long it will take to complete a task.

6. Because the Inspiring person has so many ideas, it’s hard for them to focus on a single idea for a long period of time. They would rather move on and try something exciting and new (see #2!)

What are the greatest fears of an Inspiring person?

An Inspiring person fears being socially rejected. Because being liked is very important to them, the thought of being excluded by others makes them afraid.

Inspiring people also fear being forced into a strict, formal process. They don’t like detail and believe that ‘rules are for other people.’ They fear this. When they are required to follow a rigid set of rules, they don’t respond well.

What is the perfect role for an Inspiring person?

The Inspiring person performs best in an environment where they have the flexibility to make their own decisions and have freedom of movement and choice. They love environments where people work together on projects. They need quite a lot of interaction with other people in order to be happy. And, they thrive in environments that take advantage of their ability to talk, entertain and perform for others.

What to expect when working with an Inspiring person

When working with an Inspiring person, expect that you will need to build rapport with them. They want to know that you admire them and their achievements.
You can also expect that they will struggle with punctuality. Meetings may start late and go too long when they’re in charge. They may underestimate how long a task will take to complete.

Expect that the Inspiring person will value social time spent together. Building rapport is not optional for them, but a necessary component to a healthy relationship.
Assume that the Inspiring person will talk a lot. They love to talk about creative ideas, and it’s important to listen to them and let them express themselves.
Know that the Inspiring person will do just that – inspire others. Their exciting vision of the future can inspire and motivate the team.

Expect that the Inspiring person will be a natural collaborate and brainstormer. Nothing makes them happier than to be in a room with enthusiastic people talking about ideas that could turn into an exciting future for everyone.

How do you be effective with an Inspiring person?

To be effective with an Inspiring person:

1. Let them talk. They are natural communicators, so let them do what they do best.
2. Take care of unwanted details for them. They know that details are important, but they won’t be good at doing them. Help them with this and they’ll appreciate it.
3. Pay attention to their creativity. This is one of their greatest strengths. Make sure you take advantage of it.
4. Give them freedom. The Inspiring person won’t thrive in a strictly structured environment, so give them the freedom they need to do well.
5. Allow them opportunities to perform. They are natural performers. Give the stage when you can!


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Summary of the Inspiring personality type

In summary, the Inspiring person is:

• Talkative
• Creative
• Enthusiastic
• Positive
• Collaborative

In order for them to be more effective they need to:

• Work on listening to others
• Make sure they don’t talk too much
• Strive to be on time when working with others
• Pay attention to the needs and wants of others
• Focus on completing projects

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