Job Scorecard

Never make a mis-hire again with the Job Scorecard from Professional Leadership Institute! This template lays out the guidelines you and your team have for your new hire, so everyone can be on the same page.


Job Purpose

This should be a one-sentence job description. Describe the job in a simple phrase. It’s designed to help clarify your thinking about “What really do you want this person to do,” and for them to know why they are really being hired. No jargon should be used here.

Key Result Areas

These are 3 to 5 indicators of success within the first 12 months of hire. At the end of year one, you should be able to say, “it was done, or it was not done.”

Job Requirements

These are basic must-have skills for the position. They are not a dream or wish list. They are qualifications the candidate cannot be without.

Other Duties

These are items you assume the candidate knows. Things like travel requirements, seasonal expectations, dress code, work hours, etc.

Core Values Match

These are the handful of rules that winners in your company already obey and believe in. Hire for values fit, train for skill.


Download your Job Scorecard Job Scorecard




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