Your Key To A Happy Life (At Work and At Home)


I once had dinner with a successful businessman who challenged my thinking on net worth.

He said that he measured his net worth, not in dollars (which he had lots of), but in wonderful people.

“I’m always trying to add to my net worth by bringing wonderful people into my life!” He said.

He was more than on to something.

So, here’s the key to your happy life at work and at home:

Expand the number of wonderful people in your life

People you wake up and thank God for every day.  Low drama, high integrity, energy builders.  People who support you, have your best interest in mind, and make you feel good when you’re around them.

At work, you may be one or two wonderful people away from having a great business.

Wonderful people = great life.

And the corollary of the first rule is of course:

Minimize the number of miserable people in your life

These are the energy suckers.  The high drama, low integrity, negative thinking problem identifiers who make your heart sink when they come around.

At work, help them find a new opportunity.

At home… tougher for sure.

Do your duty,  but try to minimize the time you spend with these draining people.

And finally, have you ever noticed that…

Miserable people seek out happy people to inflict themselves on!

Rarely do you see two miserable people in a friendship, a marriage, or a partnership.  Usually the miserable person has the good sense to hitch their wagon to a nice person who feels the need the rescue them.

Since you can’t make a grown up do something they don’t want to do, give up on the enforced (and unwanted) rescue plan until they want help, and seek out wonderful people.

This will change your life.

Getting ahead is about getting started!

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Trevor Throness is a speaker, consultant, and author of “The Power of People Skills.”  He is also co-founder and senior instructor at

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