Talk Nicely To Yourself

Sometimes you guarantee that you’re going to lose because you talk to yourself in such a negative way.

  • “I’ll never going to get ahead.”
  • “I’m just terrible with money – my whole family is.”
  • “I’ll never get this!”
  • “Why bother saying anything – nobody listens to me anyway.”

Imagine that a friend came to you with the problem you’re struggling with.  What advice would you give him?  Would it actually look something like this?

“Oh, I’d give up if I were you; your parents were fat, you were born fat and you don’t have anything like the self-discipline to change that.”

Of course not! You’d encourage him to figure out what can be done, not analyze why his stupidity keeps him from doing it.

Why not treat yourself in the same way?  Only two things determine 80% of how you feel about your life:

  1. The words you allow yourself to use
  2. the things you choose to focus on

Talk nicely to yourself.  The battle is won (or lost) before it’s begun.

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