A Good Hire Trumps a Good Strategy Every Time

I work in four areas with growth companies:  people, strategy, financial management, and alignment.

But it all starts with people; specifically, getting the right people in the right seats.  This is critical.  And the reason is obvious.  If you have the right people, they can come up with the right strategy, and figure out how to manage cash, and also figure out how to get people aligned.

But if you’re starting with people who aren’t the right fit for the role that the business needs them to fill, the problems will just never end.  They won’t get the strategy right.  Then cash becomes a problem because the strategy isn’t right (cash issues are almost always a symptom of a people problem btw).  And how do you align people around a weak strategy that’s draining cash?

So you can see that a good/amazing hire trumps a good strategy every day of the week.  That’s why spending time getting, not a good person, but the RIGHT person in the seat is worth spending time on,

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