A Great Trust Exercise

When you’re having a once or twice/year meeting that lasts for a full day, always start with a trust-builder.

I’m not talking about doing ‘trust falls’ or goofy games.  What I mean is just spending some time getting to know your team on a deeper level.

One of the best trust-builders that I use is a very simple series of questions:

  1. Where did you grow up?
  2. Where are you in birth order in your family of origin?
  3. What’s one difficult or important challenge you had to overcome before you were an adult?

The answers I have received to these questions are amazing.  I once had a guy say that as a child, he had to defend his family with firearms in a civil war.  His co-workers made a note to be more careful when voicing complaints with him in the future!

Understanding the life journey of your co-workers builds trust on your team.  Give it a try – I’ve never had this one fail.

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