A Planning Tool for the New Year

Now that Christmas is over, most of us start looking to the new year.  Let me share a really simple planning tool that I use with some of my clients to help them think through what their next year will look like:


In one year

By the end of Q1


Spare me the emails, I know business doesn`t start with an `F`, but stay with me here.

These are the key drivers for most of us;  the areas of life that we most care about at the end of the day.

Spend an hour alone with this chart.  Give each area a rating out of 10.  Choose where you want to improve.  Talk it over with your spouse or significant other.  Decide on one initiative you`d like to see accomplished in any relevant area(s) in 2015.

Once you`re done, put it where you can look at it daily to help to keep your eye on the ball.  Good luck and good planning!

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