Advice From People Over 75

In 2008, MIT asked 200 senior alumni with an average age of 79 what advice they would give to new graduates of the university.  Here’s what they said:

  1. Build a solid financial plan – Invest wisely and don’t outlive your money.
  2. Continue to work and expand your interests throughout your whole life. Make sure you always have a good reason to get up in the morning and keep your mind and your skills sharp.
  3. Manage your health – Move it or lose it. Being healthy is key to enjoying life as you age and is also much cheaper than paying for medical care – something we Canadians may be headed for as well.
  4. Establish a strong network of friends and family – Respondents overwhelmingly said that having strong friendships is at least as important as having financial security. They also encouraged building friendships with younger people to replace friends that are lost with age.

Let’s learn from our elders.

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