Always Be on the Hunt for A-Players

Studies suggest that when CEOs use recruiters to fill key positions, they’re disappointed with the results 75% of the time.

That means that you, personally, need to be on the lookout for A-players.

You can find them anywhere.  At a coffee shop, at your kid’s soccer game, on an airplane, at a birthday party.

You’ll see people who are winning awards, who are passionate about their work, who are getting promoted, who are taking on huge assignments.  These are A-players and they need to be put on your virtual bench for the future.  One day these people will help make your company great.

Take some time each week to make a contact with someone for your bench.  Read trade journals with an eye to your virtual bench.

“Leaders of great groups love talent and know where to find it.  They revel in the talent of others.”

-Warren Bennis, “Organizing Genius”

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