Are You a Lifter or a Leaner?

One of my clients has core value that I really like:

“Be a lifter, not a leaner”

We all know a few leaners.  They’re the people who drain our energy.  We try to avoid getting trapped in a conversation with them.  When they walk into a room, and eyes roll.

They (often accidentally) diminish others.  We avoid these people.  When we’re at the mall and we see them, we duck into the Hallmark Card store hoping they didn’t catch our eye.

Which are you?  Hint:  Leaners usually don’t know they’re leaners.  They don’t think enough about other people to have considered the question.



Always see the negatives Put a positive spin on any situation
Are great at problem analysis They are solution focused
Love to talk Listen, even when they’d rather not
Vent their emotions Share emotions that will help the team
Add to our stress Lift stress from us
Think first about themselves Are committed to regular encouragement
Make others feel discouraged Make people feel smart
Are tolerated Are loved


Do you find it hard to find someone to eat lunch with?  Do you look around and notice that people clear the room after you walk in?  Time to connect the dots?

How are you…

  • Building bridges with others?
  • Adding extra value to your organization?
  • Using your words to build others?
  • Showing appreciation for people around you?

Lifters are made, not born.

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