Are You Displaying the Most Important Leadership Qualities?

Here are the most important behaviours that build your leadership credibility.  Score yourself out of 5 on each one:

  1. Keeping your promises:  when you say you’ll do something, you do it (___/5)
  2. A sense of proportion: you don’t panic under stress (___/5)
  3. Pitching in and helping, not just giving orders (___/5)
  4. Displaying generosity: giving credit, accepting blame (___/5)
  5. Personal growth: you’re intentional about learning and self-improvement (___/5)
  6. Seeking buy in: you work to get it before making major decisions (___/5)
  7. Using humour (especially self-deprecating): you can lighten the mood in the room (___/5)
  8. Confidence: you’re comfortable with who you are and it shows (___/5)
  9. Communication: you speak and write well and often (___/5)
  10. Coaching: you intentionally coach promising people (___/5)

TOTAL (___/50)



45—50            You’re an outstanding leader, or possibly just self-deluded

30 – 45            You’re growing as a leader, keep it up

29 and under   Give more attention to these things so you can be even better

Now, have a trusted team member fill this out for you.  Compare your results to find your level of self-awareness.

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