Buyers Are Liars

I put a guitar on Craigslist recently (Martin OM 21 Special – amazing guitar) and a guy contacted me and came by my house to give it a play and decide if it was right for him.

He was highly complementary about the guitar, and couldn’t say enough nice things about it.  There was just one… little… tiny… thing…

He had to look at just one more guitar that was also on Craigslist (which he was sure wasn’t right for him, but, just for the sake of checking the boxes…) It was important for him to do his due diligence he explained, but quickly assured me that this was an amazing guitar that he would be proud to own and very likely would own in short order.

He was quite to pretty sure that he would shortly be back to pick up my guitar and pay me my full asking price.

He left, and one of my kids was in the room, quite excited for me.  “Dad, congratulations, you MADE THE SALE!”  Now, I’m an old enough sales dog to know that the sale is made only when the cheque clears the bank.

But even so, I responded, “No honey, we’ll never see that guy again.”

“But why not?  He loved it.  As soon as he checks out the other guitar, he’ll be back and you’ll have your money.”

I 96% knew that wasn’t true.  That’s because:

Buyers are liars, and be-backs aren’t greenbacks

I’m not slamming them.  You lie too when you’re a buyer.

“Are you looking for something in particular?”

“No, just browsing thanks.”

What you mean to say is, “Yes I am, but I don’t want to be crowded or pressured by you at the moment.

My tip today is:  If you’re in transactional sales, make the sale now.  Not next month when everything will be reduced by 25%; not later in the afternoon when the customer comes back on their way home.  Now.

You likely have one shot at the customer in a transactional (not long term relationship –based) sale.

So, use your one shot wisely, and ask for the sale.  Give them a compelling reason to buy RIGHT NOW.

Because, buyers are liars and be-backs aren’t greenbacks.

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