Care About the Sale, but Not All That Much

I recently read an article that said that the clever use of emoticons in emails gives you a significant edge in sales negotiations.   This is not a view to be lightly tossed aside, but should be thrown with great force.

Having spent most of my life eating what I kill, I’ll tell you what actually makes the biggest difference in tipping negotiations your way.  It’s not complicated:

You need to care about the sale, but not all that much

If you have other prospects, other directions you could go, and you make that clear in a nice way, your close rate will go up.  As soon as you NEED to make the sale, and WANT it desperately, IT WILL ELUDE YOU!

Be cool, work on building lots of prospects, and always make it clear that you can walk away with no problem because you care, but not all that much.

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