Do What’s Easy and Life Gets Hard

A wise young leader at a client company made a remark during a planning session that I’ve reflected on for about two weeks now.  She said:

“Do what’s easy and life gets hard.  Do what’s hard and life gets easy.”

That’s a true statement.  It’s true about your finances, your career, your physical health, and most other areas of life.  But nowhere is it more true than in dealing with people issues.

What seems easiest is to do nothing and let things play out on their own.  But issues that you’re having with people rarely get easier as time goes on.  More often they get harder and messier, and when they finally get dealt with, they’re painful and ugly.

But when you make a habit of doing what’s hard – talking directly to the person about what’s on your heart – life gets easier more quickly.

This client group has a policy of ’24 hour turnaround.’  Any people issues they have, they commit to dealing with within 24 hours.  That’s just smart.

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