Don’t Talk Yourself Out of a Sale

Over the weekend I was with my wife in Vancouver and we went to one of her favorite stores.  The employee was very nice and informative.  She developed a nice rapport and we all had a nice time.  My wife filled her basket with expensive purchases, and at the end of it all the salesperson leaned in conspiratorially and said, “Now, you should know that we have a bunch of new products coming in for the new year in about 4 weeks, and they’re very exciting!”

Jenn thanked her, returned most of her things and we left the store.  I smiled and shook my head, wishing the owner could have heard the exchange.

The lesson here is, DON’T EVER EVER TALK YOURSELF OUT OF A SALE!  When someone says they’re ready to buy, close your mouth, ring up the sale and say thank you.

Sometimes the urge to add two more cents to the conversation is almost overpowering.  Resist this urge young jedi, it is from the dark side and will only lead to bad things.

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