Email Etiquette

Most of us agree that internal email can ruin our lives.  Here are 8 tips to make email more manageable.

  1. Don’t ‘reply all’ unless necessary.  Only reply all if all recipients MUST see your response.
  2. Be very clear in your subject line.  Better yet, write your message IN the subject line followed by EOM (end of message).
  3. Keep all your cc’s in one file.  Look at them once or twice/day in a chunk.
  4. Shut off audio email alerts.  That ding WILL drive you batty, and will keep you unproductive for much of the day.
  5. Don’t respond back with ‘thank you.’  Assume together that you are all thankful people, and stop wasting each other’s time with another email to open.
  6. Avoid the BCC function.  95% of the time, blind copying someone is sneaky, is used for evil, and shouldn’t be done.
  7. Never email anything that has emotional content.  Email is for information passing, not communication.  Communicating is talking to another human face-to-face.
  8. Don’t email anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable seeing in your company newsletter.  Email is not private, don’t be fooled into thinking it is (google “Sony hack” for details).

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