Entrepreneurs Have Bloody Fingers

Years ago I had a client that became an overnight success.  It took him only 25 years.  He started working in a retail store.  Then he bought the store.  Then he opened multiple locations.  Then he bought the land that some of his stores sat on.  Then he bought and developed other land and made a lot of money from his various businesses.

So I asked his wife, “What has been the key to Bob’s (not his real name) success?”  She turned to Bob and said, “Show Trevor your fingers.”

Bob sheepishly held up his hands which were freshly (badly) scarred and bloody.

She went on:  “Bob stayed up until 2 am last night fixing the liner on our pool.  He worked on it all evening and into the wee hours.  He didn’t care about his hands or the pain or the time.  That’s why he’s a success – he never, ever, EVER quits or gives up.”

Most often it’s more about tenacity than talent.

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