Experiment, Draft, Trial Basis

When you’re either:

  • Trying out a current person in a new position
  • Making a new system or process

Call it an experiment.  Put ‘draft’ at the top of the page.  Let people know that this is not necessarily the final word on the subject.

And when you’re trying someone out in a new position, announce that _______________ is going to ‘assume the position on a trial basis.’  This means that if it doesn’t work out, they don’t have to quit in shame, because it was only a trial after all.  It lowers pressure, and lets others in the company know that trying things that don’t work out in the end is okay.

You’ll find much less resistance to memos that read “DRAFT” on the top.

If you’re not trying things that don’t work out despite the best of intentions, you’re not trying very hard.

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