Focus on the Positives to Rebuild a Relationship

We all have relationships in our life that just aren’t going to change.  Your family is your family.  Business partnerships aren’t easy to change.  Maybe you have a coworker that you live without, but they’re not going anywhere either.  While you can change your spouse, what I’ve found in many people who have made that choice is that:

  1. Their next marriage has all the same problems, because they bring their problems with them, also known as, “wherever you go, there you are”
  2. They’re never free of their spouse anyway, especially if they have children in common

A better approach is to start to focus on what’s right about this person.  Every relationship breakdown I’ve ever seen has involved a huge component of focusing on the person’s negatives.  So draw up a list of the positives, start to talk about them, focus on them, and see if things start moving in a better direction.

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