Get Into the Habit of Telling the Truth

We’re all tempted to spare people’s feelings by not telling them the hard truth.  Besides the grief of actually having these conversations, truth can be de-motivating, and very awkward.  And so we’re tempted to invent a spin to soften the truth.  Here’s the problem with spin:

  1. The truth will come out in the end.  The person will eventually find out that they have been placed in a cubicle far from everyone else because actually fruitarians do produce body odour, not because it will be handier for them to be close to the photocopier.
  2. Everyone involved in your ‘spin’ decision will outwardly agree, but silently wonder ‘what does she really mean when she tells me things?’

Ask yourself, ‘if I were the other person, how would I want to be dealt with?’  And that’s an easy one – you would want to know the truth.

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