Great Hires Versus Weak Hires

Getting wonderful people on the team is the most important job of the leader.  Here’s what the great look like compared to the not-as-great:

                            The great                                                 The not-as-great

Stable work history

Job hoppers

Progressed in responsibilities

Didn’t progress much

Pay steadily increasing over time

Pay static/decreasing

Looking for challenge/opportunity

Looking for a job

Made some mistakes and learned from them

Made lots of mistakes and didn’t learn much

Have enjoyed lots about their work life

Haven’t enjoyed much

Steadily improving their skill set

Staying static

Has worked well with most bosses

Has had trouble with most bosses

Left other jobs for exciting opportunities

Got nudged out more than 20% of the time

Have overcome work obstacles

Have found work obstacles insurmountable

The great want jobs that will challenge them.  They want to contribute to their workplace.  And most of all, they have a history that shows that this has been the case in the past.

The greatest predictor of future performance is past performance.

Set your sights on attracting the great.

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