New Hires: A Business Coach’s Best 5 Tips for Attracting Them

two men trying to figure out how to source great new hires

Right now I’ve got a mole problem.  They’re demolishing my yard. I’ve tried everything and I can’t catch them.   But I know that if they are so foolish as to invade my uber competent neighbour Randy’s yard, he’ll be on it and it will get done and they will quickly be ex-moles.  I feel like Churchill during WWII scheming about how to suck America into the fight!

And why Randy?  Because we all need A-players in key roles.  When you have the right person on the job, everything feels better.  Things get done, new ideas get stirred into the mix, and we all move forward.  Without them, nothing works.

Everywhere I go right now, sourcing good people is the number one issue on everyone’s mind because we’re in one of the tightest labour markets in modern history, for the time being anyway.

So if you’re struggling to source, hire, and retain good people, here are some tips to consider:

1. Do you have strong people in leadership to guide your new hires?

Who your existing people are really matters.  Here’s how it works on the ground.

It’s a small world, and word gets out on the street about what your organization is like to work for.  A prospective employee is chatting with someone who knows your culture.  Then they either think:

Sounds intriguing.  What great people!  I’d like to be part of that team!


I’d NEVER work for that guy.  I’ve heard about what a jerk he is.  I’m going elsewhere.

The best people are attracted to the best cultures.  Period.

If you have jerks in leadership. attracting people is going to be very tough, and if you’re chronically understaffed, make sure this isn’t the problem or a big part of it.

2. You’re in competition for internal people, not external business

Unless you’re an airline or in another tough industry, your problem is not trying to sell what you’ve got to your customers.

Your challenge today is to recruit the best people so you can deliver the business that customers are pounding the tables for.

For the first time in my recollection, the customer isn’t really king anymore.  The supplier is king, and the customer often has to take what they can get.

Recalibrate your focus and find those great people.

Remember Packard’s law:  “No company can grow revenues consistently faster than its ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth.”

In other words, run out of A-players and growth stops.  Find them and growth soars.

3. The best new hires are already working somewhere else

They’re not scrolling through want ads because they’ve been fired or laid off (mostly).  They’re productively working somewhere else.  And here are the reasons they’re thinking about leaving:

  1. They don’t feel appreciated
  2. They’re bored and need a new challenge
  3. They’re working with or for a brilliant jerk

It’s your job to seek them out, build a relationship, and pull them to your team.

Who would you love to have on your team?  Contact them.  Appreciate them.  Get them excited about a new challenge working an exciting new team. Yours!

4. Review your compensation structure

Maybe the person you’re looking for won’t come for the money you’re offering.  Inflation is upon us, so make sure your compensation package is up-to-date and hasn’t fallen behind.

5. Get creative with your recruitment strategy for attracting new hires

That means moving beyond want ads.  Here are some rapid-fire ideas for attracting new hires:

  1. Build a mind map.  Get in a room with other people and brainstorm for names.  Look for both centers of influence (someone who can help you find someone) and direct prospects for the job.
  2. Offer an internal bounty.  Make an old-style western ‘wanted’ poster.  Let your team know who you’re looking for and ask for their help.
  3. Offer a recruiting fee.  Offer to pay internal people a fee if they bring you the right person.
  4. Hire a recruiter.  Consider the TEEMA group or another great staffing solutions company to assist.  The cost is worth it when you find the right person.
  5. Make a video for social media.  Have fun with it.  Show why your work culture is superior to other available choices.= in a fresh way.
  6. Put on or participate in a job fair.
  7. Seek out a local university, college, tech school, or high school.  Make friends with the teachers.  Get an opportunity to pitch their students.  Start with them younger and train them into your ways.

In the past, we’ve been great at finding customers.  Now it’s time to repurpose those skills to find the talent that will bring us to the next level!

Take the free preview for my course on “How to Hire ‘A’ Players” today!


Trevor Throness thinking about new hires

Trevor Throness is a speaker, consultant, and author of “The Power of People Skills.”  He is also co-founder and senior instructor at

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