How To Find Your Unique Genius

I work with lots of very successful people – outliers – and they all (by all, I mean Every. Single. One.) have one thing in common.  What do you think it is?

Hard work? Brains? Tolerance for risk?

They probably have some of those things too, but one thing they all figure out is how to spend the majority of their time doing what they’re innately good at, and how to distance themselves from tasks that they’re bad at.

I don’t care who you are; you have a unique genius too.   It may come so naturally to you that you think it’s nothing.  It isn’t nothing.  It’s unique.  To you.

Most of us are good (or great) at a couple of things, and not so great at lots of others.  Here are some questions to help you find it if you’re unsure:

  1. It’s something that you’ve always been good at and gravitated to, ever since you were a kid
  2. You find yourself using this talent in all sorts of situations – not just at work
  3. You probably don’t think it’s anything special, like anyone can do it
  4. Using this talent makes you feel energized and strong
  5. You could see yourself being interested at, and getting better at, this activity for your whole life

What is your unique genius?

Could it be:

Getting people to like you?  Organizing stuff?  Solving puzzles? Building strong relationships? Making people to laugh?  Getting people to listen to you? Quietly getting practical stuff done in the background? Competing to win?  Absorbing information and telling others what you’ve learned? Being focused accomplishing tasks quickly?

Whatever it is, knowing what it is is critical to you winning at work.  Why show up comparing your natural weakness to everyone else’s strength?

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