How to Spot Entitlement in Companies

Entitlement: Expecting something based on who you are, not what you earn.

This is a disease that affects people and organizations all over the landscape.  Here are some symptoms of this disease from an organizational perspective that you may spot in your own business or in others that you interact with:

  1. Using self-congratulatory advertising announcing how great you are (i.e. ‘we’re so great, you OWE us your business’ not, ‘we have to always earn your business’)
  2. Being ticked by a lack of customer loyalty (They OWE us their business because we’re special, not because we’re their best choice)
  3. Treating suppliers and customers with indifference (If we offer this product or service, they MUST come to us for it)

Whenever you spot entitlement, speak up and put an end to it!  It’s like cancer and it ruins companies, and even countries (check out all of southern Europe).

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