Humans Overestimate Risk

Humans tend to overestimate risk.   We worry about all the things that could  happen, so we decide to play things safe.  But the real risk is stagnation and boredom.  When you stop learning and growing, you’re becoming less desirable, less employable, and less of a ‘player’ in your field.  Your reputation decreases, and reputation is everything.

When I went on my own, some people thought I was crazy because it was so risky.  But my thought was that it’s a riskier career move to have one person paying you than to have 25.  If one of the 25 fires you, oh well.

So what are you doing that’s a bit risky?  How are you stepping out of your comfort zone?  What are you learning, trying, taking a chance on?

If you run a decent risk of prison, death, homelessness or permanent unemployment, re-think it.  If not, give it a try!

“I’ve been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened” – Mark Twain

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