Leaders Figure It Out

Today, the Germans landed their space probe “Philae” on a comet 311 million miles from earth, traveling at speeds of up to 89,000 mph.

There were many false starts to this multi-billion dollar project, but the design team didn’t give up.

That’s the quality all successful leaders share.  They figure it out.  They don’t give up.

Mark Francisco, a great friend of mine, leads a church of 1800 people.  We recently had lunch together and he remarked that you can always spot a leader because leaders figure it out.

Followers complain about lack of resources.  Leaders work with what they have and find a way to win.  Followers have excuses.  Leaders show results.  Followers focus on hours.  Leaders focus on accomplishments. Followers get bored and want do something else.  Leaders persist.

If you aspire to leadership, don’t angle for a title.  A title is not leadership. Instead, thoroughly figure out what you’re doing right now.   Rise above your current challenges.  Dig deep and find a way to turn a negative into a positive.  If you can do that consistently, you won’t have to find a title, the title will seek you out because everyone will want you.

So be a leader – find a way to figure it out.

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