Most People Would Rather Fire Their Boss Than Get a Raise

Forbes released a survey this week in celebration of “National Boss’s Day.”   They surveyed 1000 workers spanning generations, gender, locations, and professions.”

65% of respondents said they would rather see their bosses fired than get a raise!  This of course made me wonder who instituted ‘National Boss’s Day.’

Granted, cranky people may self-select and jump at the chance to answer a survey that gives them a chance to complain and so on.  Yet, statistics pretty consistently show that most people would rather stay home than go to work.

Other highlights of the survey were:

  • 36% said they were happy in their jobs
  • 42% said their bosses don’t work very hard
  • 20% said their boss had little to no integrity (!)
  • 60% said they would do better in their job if they had a better boss
  • 58% said they would have more successful careers if they got along better with their boss

Leadership matters.  People join companies and leave supervisors.  Two applications today, one for leaders and one for followers (most of us are both)

  1. Leaders:  Find out the personal and professional goals of the people who report to you.  Help them achieve their career goals.
  2. Followers: Take action to make a better workplace.  That’s your job – no one can do it for you.  Do your best to be engaged in meetings.  Take action to build positive relationships.

Most of us spend more time at work than at home.  Why settle for a mediocre experience while there?  Everyone, no matter where they sit in the organization, can take immediate action today to make it better every day.

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