Never Take The Monkey

In life, we all have monkeys to carry around.  These include work responsibilities, relationship hassles, financial commitments, and the basic jobs of feeding and clothing ourselves and making our way through life.

It’s each person’s job to carry their own monkeys.  There are crises from time to time that mean they’ll need help in the carrying for awhile, but eventually they have to get back to carrying the monkey.

At work, some people desperately want to give away their monkeys.  They want you to carry their relationship monkeys.  They want you to carry their ‘hard job’ monkeys.

Never take the monkey!  You can offer advice on how they can handle their monkey.  You can sympathize with the challenge they have in dealing with their monkey.  You can offer help where appropriate.  You can pitch in for a time.

But only suckers take the monkey.

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