Only Let Stars Do the Hiring

I think it’s a huge mistake to delegate hiring, especially the hiring of key seats.

If you must delegate that job, remember this axiom that I’ve found to be invariably true:

A’s hire A’s, B’s hire C’s

I’ve heard this attributed to Steve Jobs, but I think he was quoting Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense in the U.S. (who was probably quoting someone else!)

Anyway, it’s the truth.  B’s will never hire an A player.  For starters, they’re threatened by them.  They find them too aggressive, too keen.  B’s have no interest in being pushed or upstaged by a subordinate.  But they typically don’t hire another B player either.  They prefer the C’s.  The C player looks to the B with wide, innocent eyes, amazed at their mediocre productivity, compliant, easy to lead, eager to be mentored into a career of sub-par performance (on your dime).

And what is the main thing that drives A players out of your organization?  Toleration of B and C players.

Do your own hiring, or make sure that another A player is in charge.

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