Options for Huddle Questions

Since communication is usually one of the top 3 problems in any business, I’m a huge advocate of regular, time-limited huddles to reconnect and refocus the team.

Important as they are, sometimes these huddles can feel stagnant, and need a shot of energy to bring them to life.  Here are options of questions/topics to use in your huddles to spice them up:

  1. Shout-outs for birthdays/anniversaries
  2. Wins – any good news from anyone?
  3. Metrics – going over meaningful numbers makes any huddle relevant and adds interest
  4. Top priorities – what is your top priority to accomplish before the next huddle?
  5. Reviewing top priorities – write them down – did you complete your top priority from last time?
  6. Core values review – ask one person to share  a story about how they’ve seen a core value lived out recently at each huddle
  7. Roadblocks – is anyone ‘stuck’ anywhere?
  8. Information outgoing – what needs to be shared to bring people into the loop?  Major customer visits happening?  New initiatives, systems, procedures?
  9. Green/Yellow/Red – rate yourself (quickly) on the outcomes on your job scorecard, quarterly or yearly
  10. Best practices – any worth sharing that could help colleagues?
  11. One page plan review – Take one piece of your one page strategic plan and share why it’s important
  12. Appoint a time-keeper – instruct them to end the huddle once the allotted huddle time is complete.  People (appropriately) hate meetings.  While necessary, they should be as quick as possible

Try one or two of these ideas and see if they add some spice to your huddles.

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