People Are Loyal to What’s Best for Them

Customer loyalty hasn’t gone away.  It’s just that today, customers are not blindly loyal to a name brand; they are loyal to what they believe is best for them.

If you have clearly identified the unmet need of your customer and meet that need in a way that is consistent every time, they will never leave you.  In fact, they’ll consider you a hero.

We’re all looking for heroes in every category of our lives (someone who delivers what we need, consistently).  We want an insurance/investment hero, a grocery hero, a mechanic hero, a doctor hero and so on.  We reluctantly leave because our hoped-for hero lets us down.  They don’t know us well enough to meet our need, or they don’t do it in a consistent way.

How to become a hero:

  • deliver more than what’s expected
  • do it cheerfully every time
  • make the customer experience consistent, every time

Heroes get referred, are appreciated, and are not replaced.  Who wants to replace a hero?

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